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~*~Behind the Scenes~*~

Ashley broke her arm, film production was put off for a couple of weeks (Mary-Kate could shoot a couple of her scenes, but other then that there was none)

Ashley's cast would come off in two weeks.

"I don't get it!" Ashley said to Mary-Kate as they drove to the hospital "How'd the harness get such a big tear in it? And why didn't anyone notice?"

"I don't know" Mary-Kate said with a shrug.

Ashley couldn't help but feel suspcious.


"ASHLEY!" Ashley woke up to hear someone, downstairs calling her name.

"C-Chris" She whispered trying to sit up.

"ASHLEY!" The voice was closer this time.

Suddenly the door swung open and Chris came rushing in.

"Oh Ashley!" He raced over to her bed and hugged her "I was so worried"

"Don't worry Chris. It's just a broken arm"

"I know, I just had to see for myself" Chris said looking her over to make sure it was only her arm that was hurt.

"Don't worry" Ashley said with a smile.

"Oh, Ashley I'm so sorry" He said reaching down to hug her "I was so stupid. We never should have broken up"

Ashley smiled so glad to hear that "I'm sorry too" She hugged him tightly.

He gently kissed her and Ashley knew things were back to normal. She couldn't be happier.


A week went by and Ashley was recovering extremely quickly.

"Hey Ash I'm going out for a couple of hours K?" Mary-Kate said running into the lounge where Ashley was watching some day time soap, with tears in her eyes.

Ashley sniffled and turned to her "Where ya going?"

Mary-Kate froze for a second then grabbed her coat and opened the front door "Oh, you know, somewhere" She said elusively, then disappeared out the door.

Ashley shrugged "Sisters" She thought to herself.

She resumed her soap opera viewing and was soon sniffling again "This is so sad" she said to herself then realizing what she was doing "And I am so pathetic!"

The phone interrupted her soap intake and she grumbled as she got up to answer it "Hello?" The person on the other end of the line said some things and Ashley's face went pale 'not again!' she thought to herself. "Sure Mrs. Artfield" She said weakly "I can baby-sit"


Mrs. Artfield was bring Bryan, Luke and Sarah around in an hour. That gave Ashley a little time to memorize some of her lines for when filming started again. And then she'd spend the next two hours baby-sitting.


~*~The Movie~*~

"Where is she?!" Christa's pursuer was greeted with that question the moment he awoke.

"What? Where am I?" He asked. Somehow he didn't seem so scary as he had before. He tried to sit up but was held back by the ropes Christa had so kindly surrounded him with.

Christa remained silent.

He sighed "She's being held at Black Island"

At least they hadn't moved her. But how was Christa to know wether to believe him?

"Who are you?" She asked.

"Call me... Sting Ray Junior" He said with a look of distaste.

"You're his son?" Christa asked in amazement. She looked at him a little closer and realized he really wasn't that old, 20 or so.


"So you're working for him?"

"Not by choice"

"What does that mean?"

"That means Sting Ray aint exactly your loving father. You don't do what he wants and you get it"

Christa gulped "Oh" She was silent for a few minutes "I have to go find my sister" She said getting up.

~*~Behind the scenes~*~

The kids arrived and line learning was soon forgotten.

All Ashley could think about what keeping Bryan and Luke from breaking stuff, and the constant pain in her arm (She would pick Sarah up with her good arm and good side) from continually having to pick Sarah 'Up'

When she felt her arm couldn't take it anymore she went into her room and turned on some music and encouraged Sarah to dance. She did so, but far preferred when Ashley would spin her around. "Go fast" she constantly said.

When Bryan and Luke started acting suspicious Ashley couldn't take it anymore. Putting Samara down for a second she picked up the phone.

"Chris! I need help!"

Chapter 12

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