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~*~Behind the scenes~*~

"Ashley can we just talk?" Chris called running after his girlfriend, or more correctly his ex-girlfriend, Ashley Olsen.

She ignored him and ran into the movie studio. Chris tried to follow but was stopped by a security guard. "Authorization please?"

"I'm with her!" Chris pointed at Ashley.

"Miss!" The guard called to Ashley.

She turned to him, not looking at Chris.

"Is he with you?" The guard asked pointing at Chris.

Ashley glanced at Chris for a split second, just long enough to take in his desperate pleading look. She shook her head.

"I'm sorry boy, you'll have to leave" The guard said to Chris.

"No please! ASHLEY WAIT!" He called to her. But she disappeared around the corner inside the studio.

Shoulders slumped Chris left.


"What was that yelling about?" Mary-Kate appeared at Ashley's side.

Ashley shrugged "Nothing" She said unconvincingly.

Mary-Kate nodded knowingly. "Chris" She said quietly.

If Ashley heard she didn't show it.

"Ok girls. Lets start the shoot" The director said "We'll work on the starting sequence today"

The girls nodded and took their places

~*~The movie!~*~

(The voiceover starts excitedly, while dramatic music starts playing)

So you've heard of Charlie's angels? Think they're pretty cool? Think again. Meet.. TWIN ANGELS!

(Cuts to a close up of the girls smiling at the camera)

They love to shop, eat pizza, go to movies, wear make-up! Hey they're your average girls!

(Shows clip of the girls walking through a mall, looking at things in the windows)

Think that's true? THINK AGAIN!

(Christa's (Ashley) beeper sounds. The two read what it says look at each other and nod)

The Two are an elite crime fighting team. Working for none other then the government!

(The two glance around then walk into what looks like a normal closet. They close the door and suddenly a staircase appears. They walk down and enter a room full of people rushing this way and that. The two walk over to a screen. Lots of different things flash across it. After their debriefing the twins suit up and leave the room)

Join them for their biggest adventure yet!

(Shows the twins driving away in a silver topless convertible. They drive into the sunset and the dramatic music finishes. Scene fades out)

~*~Behind the scenes~*~

"And that's a wrap! Good job girls!" The director smiled happily and everyone began to pack up for the day.

Ashley stormed off the set. Mary-Kate watched her go and shook her head "What is wrong with her?" The entire shoot Ashley had been really edgy. Mary-Kate guessed it was something to do with whatever had happened with Chris.

Her thoughts were interrupted when someone tapped her on the shoulder. She jumped a little then spun around. She added a smile when she saw the cute guy standing there. She guessed him to be about 17 or 18.

"Hi" He said extending his hand for her to shake "I'm William, or Will for short. My Uncle's on the crew and he's hired me to help out"

"Wow, that's cool! I'm-"

"Mary-Kate I know" he said smiling.

'Hmmm' Mary-Kate thought. 'I met him a minute ago and already he can tell Ashley and I apart. I like this guy!'


Mary-Kate walked into Ashley's room to find her lieing on her back on her bed, throwing a hackie sack into the air and catching it. She repeated the process over and over while singing along with the song that was playing.

'and how you got me blind is still a mystery
I can't get you out of my head
don't care what is written in your history
as long as you're here with me'

Mary-Kate sat on her desk chair just watching as her sister looked miserable.

"Come on Ashley" She finally said "why won't you tell me what happened?"

Ashley shrugged, "Nothing to tell" She said sadly.

"Did Chris do something?" Mary-Kate asked nervously.

"No.." Ashley said pondering the question. "Well, not really"

Mary-Kate gave her a prompting look.

"Well, remember how I was in that production of Romeo and Juliet?"

Mary-Kate nodded.

"Well, I had to kiss Nick" Ashley said quietly.

Realization started to dawn on Mary-Kate's face "You had a crush on him last year right?"

Ashley nodded "And Chris and I have been best friends forever, before we started dating, so he knew about that. And he got all jealous on me. Even tried to convince me to quit the play" She shuddered. "I hate bossy guys!"

"But the play was a week ago. How come I only heard about this now?" Mary-Kate asked.

"We got in a big fight of the night of the performance. That's why he didn't call this last week" Mary-Kate nodded again "And then he came around just as I was leaving for the studio, he acted all apologetic and I was just sick of it. Sick of him" She looked up at Mary-Kate with tears forming in her eyes "I think we're officially over"

Mary-Kate sighed sadly. She'd been afraid this would happen. Next to her, Chris had been Ashley's best friend since pre-school. In 10th grade signs had started to appear that they liked each other. Eventually they started dating. Mary-Kate's fear was that when they broke up their friendship would be ruined.

Her worst fears had just been realized.


The next day, being a Saturday, the twins left for the studio early in the morning. They got there and were informed they would be filming the beach scene that day.

Ashley glanced at the sky and shivered "Just had to be on the coldest day didn't it?" She asked Mary-Kate grumpily.

Mary-Kate sighed, she really hoped Ashley would dump this mood soon. Filming a movie with a grouchy co-star was no fun at all!

They headed for the beach and started filming the first scene of twin angels.

~*~The Movie!~*~

Michelle (Mary-Kate) and Christa (Ashley) strolled down the beach together. Lost in the comfortable silence that comes with being best friends. The waves gently lapped at the shore and everything was peaceful.

"Did you see that?" Christa asked looking out at the ocean.

"See what?" Michelle asked, proving she hadn't seen it.

"I dunno. Something black" Christa said shrugging.

"Probably a seal" Michelle said with a shrug.

"Or a shark" Christa said with a shudder. She strolled down to the waters edge trying to get a better look.

"I'm gonna go get a drink from that waterfall" Michelle pointed up to a waterfall that ran down the cliff facing the ocean. Christa nodded uncomittadly and Michelle started on her way.

The cliff dipped inward so there was a kind of cave behind the waterfall. Michelle strolled underneath it and dipped her hands into the water. She saw Christa continue up the beach and drank a little faster, in order to catch up with her twin. Just as she was about to step out from the cave something fell through the air and landed at her feet.

She crouched down to pick it up.

A cigarette?

She felt anger course through her 'What kind of slob drops a cigarette at a beautiful place like this?" She wondered glancing around her.

Her thoughts were cut off however. From quite a distance down the beach she heard Christa scream.

She started to run from the cave, but just like a few seconds earlier she was stopped by something falling from the sky, only this time it wasn't a cigarette!

Michelle stared at the man, standing in front of her, in astonishment "Where did you come from?" She yelled.

He just smiled a calculating, evil smile and stepped toward her menacingly. It was then Christa realized when it came to friend or foe he was definitely foe!

Chapter 2

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