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-22/08/05-Elijah will be on Jo Whiley's show on Radio One this lunchtime (12pm GMT). If you missed it, or you're not in the UK, you can listen to it online for the rest of the week here - Click on 'Monday' on the Listen Again panel

Right-> Elijah talking to Jo Whiley this morning

-15/02/05-There still isn't any real news, however films "Everything Is Illuminated" and "The Yank" (a.k.a. "Hooligans"), starring Elijah are expected to be out sometime this year (2005)

-13/02/05- Elijah was at the Grammy Nominees Reception

- It was Elijah's 24th birthday on January 28th!

- Elijah is currently filming 'Everything Is Illuminated'.

There is no more latest news at the moment. Check back soon to read some when there actually is some news. Please bookmark this page - you never know when you might need it!