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  • Site name: Earth Angels
  • Born: 14 December 2002
  • Version:2.0
  • Web mistress: Benenna


Hi every body&Welcome to my Earth Angels Place!

This is the second version, With a lot of new stuff & with a little change &of course more good looking layouts :o)

I hope you like the site & enjoy your stay.

28 June 2003

 uploaded new layouts & start of new version. The Graphic section is not here anymore Coz I think it was Useless here, But I've added a lot of new stuff.Winamp Skins, Backgrounds. A fun page, where you can play some games. I've added a Guest map and a little Tag board. and a lot of new banners & more links. of course  more new sections are on the way.

See more updates here



Earth Angels is a place for the fans Who loves; 

Backstreet Boys, Christina Aguilera Westlife & Britney Spears.

This is a download site, JUST Download. if you are looking for Information or news or Photo galleries,

Sorry, you won't find them here.
But if you're looking for Designs such Wallpapers & goodies for your sites & etc, you are in the right place ;o)
You can find a lot of them here& You can use as much as you like on your sites but PLEASE let me know first & link back to me.


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Than you so much for your visit, Comments & suggestions, if you have any, will be  welcomed here then feel free to contact me.

please if you fond out any broken link or any problem, on this site please let me know.

And of course don't forget to sign my guest Book/Map. before you leave. Every one likes to know what people think about their site  then let me know.              Thanks