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Meet Otie Lebowitz - Femme Fatale!

Meet Otie Lebowitz, a sweet and petite tuxedo kitty with a serious penchant for furry mice. This bewitching kitty has served as a "feline muse" to some of the greatest minds in the history of Western Civilization, yet she remains modest despite the considerable burden of her self-professed "fatal beauty". Without further ado, presenting Otie Lebowitz - Femme Fatale! We hope you enjoy her favorite photos. Please visit again soon. There is always something new at Chez Lebowitz!

Otie Lebowitz at her boudoir!

Here is Otie in her favourite room, her boudoir. It is here that she prepares her face and attends to other ladylike matters. Otie is equally at home in the boudoir and in cyberspace, working on her websites. She is very much the "renaissance kitty", in the truest sense of the word!

Otie proudly manning her Snapple Stand at the ballpark!

Even a "femme fatale" can get thirsty after an epicurean repast of tuna and Otie is no exception. This picture depicts Otie proudly tending to her Snapple Stand at the ballpark. Bitsy's Whackers challenged the "Revoltin' Boyz Baseball Team" for the grudge match of the century! Otie wishes to thank Queen Bitsy and the Royal Artist for setting her up with her Snapple Stand, which was just one of the many fabulous concession stands at the ballpark, along with "Mousie on a Stick" and "Cheesy Nachos with Mice". Playing baseball can create quite a thirst, and business at Otie's stand was brisk, much to the delight of that feline entreprenure!

Otie gives her famous come-hither look!

Otie is quite the feline femme fatale and is quite an alluring kitty! In previous lives, she served as a feline muse to many of the greatest minds in the history of Western Civilization. Otie inspired such literary luminaries as Ernest Hemingway, T. S. Eliot, and William Shakespeare, The Bard of Avon. Otie claims that she was the "Dark Lady" who inspired young Will's passionate sonnets, so who are we to disagree with her? We hope you have enjoyed Otie's favorite photos. Please do visit us again soon. You can read more about Otie at her website: Otie Lebowitz - Feline Muse!
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Otie just loves fan-mail! Address all correspondence to: Search made simple
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