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Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ditzy Lebowitz and I am an engaging calico kitty whose considerable charm and charisma are exceeded only by my fondness for Meow Mix. Due to the popularity of my websites, my name is now a household word, and if that is not the case in your home, then you would be well advised to move to rectify such an appalling situation! I live with my feline roommates, Milo, Alison and Otie and our human, Ruth who is the concierge at Chez Lebowitz as well as our unpaid ghost-writer, personal amanuensis and abject slave. She is not the best webmistress in the world, but since we pay her not one sou, the price is right. Then again, it is true that you get what you pay for. Case in point - This page was originally called "Ditzy Lebowitz - The Grinch Who Stole Chanukah". Well, Ruth must have clicked a wrong key, because the entire website that I slaved over is now lost in the Bermuda Triangle of cyberspace. Therefore, I am writing this new page to fill the void left by that unfortunate mishap. So let's get started...

Ahem, living with Ruth at Chez Lebowitz is not that bad, and actually quite congenial, except at Christmas time. This is because our concierge and slave celebrates Chanukah, and being the good Jewish kitties that we are, we celebrate that holiday too. But let me tell you - spinning a dreidel around the kitchen table and eating Ruth's greasy potato latkes is not my idea of a good time. Besides the aforementioned execrable latkes, there is a general lack of bonhomie at our humble abode, unlike those homes where the kitties have Christmas trees, lights and multi-colored ornaments to destroy. There are no platters of cookies for Santa Paws, which is totally unacceptable, for there is no delicious holiday baked goods for me to purloin. So I have taken a step toward rectifying this abysmal situation. Yours truly, Ditzy Lebowitz is going to boycott Chanukah and celebrate Christmas in a really big way. If Ruth doesn't like it, that's too bad for her. I am the superstar in this family, and when I want Christmas, I get Christmas. After all, I am a feline cyber-star, whose whims and dictates are followed by all who reside at Chez Lebowitz. So let the good times roll. It's Christmas, after all.....

Since I have already sent Santa Paws an extensive list of presents that I want, I expect a wonderful pile of gifts under the tree, or else I will make a big stink. I always make a big stink on those rare occasions when I don't get what I want. For example, one time I stayed at The Chateau Marmont in L.A. and they failed to stock the mini-bar in my bungalow with my favorite snack, Whisker Lickins'. Boy did they ever hear it from me! But I digress.... Let's open the presents!

Santa baby, slip some catnip under the tree for me!

Wonderful cards and presents from Ditzy's friends!

This is our Siberian friend, Gordi from Helsinki!

From our friends Sluggo, RC, Brya and BeBeast! Ooh, Sluggo you are such a great Grinch!

Thank you to Sandi, Sir Wally, Cheyenne, and Silvermyst!

Thank Mew Marble Cakez!

But my favorite presents are my friends, Milo, Alison and Otie Lebowitz!

Milo LebowitzOtie LebowitzAlison Lebowitz

See you next year, Santa Paws and Happy New Year to all our friends!

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