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Meet Alison Lebowitz!

Meet Alison Lebowitz, a sweet tiger-striped tabby with strong maternal instincts. Alison was the first kitty adopted by her human, Ruth and as such, gave her a valuable education about cats, life, and ultimately, love. She is a nurturer by nature, and can often be found grooming her feline friends, Ditzy, Milo and Otie. This feline charmer is a love-bug, who will easily steal your heart, and has the power to convert confirmed alurophobes into cat-lovers for life! Here are some of our favorite photos of sweet Alison. We hope you enjoy them!

Alison enjoying a quiet moment at Chez Lebowitz!

Alison loves the windowsills at Chez Lebowitz! Here she is engaged in one of her favorite activities - bird-watching, along with her feline friends, Ditzy, Milo, and Otie. Alison is an avid bird-watcher, and is a proud member of the "Backyard Birding Guild" under the leadership of the "Wicked Twins", Dwnn and Taliesin! All the kitties at Chez Lebowitz also belong to the Audubon Society - Feline Chapter!

Alison grooming her sweetheart, Milo!

Here is Alison sweetly grooming her beloved friend, Milo. They had a brief dalliance when they were mere kits, but now they are the very best of friends, albeit platonic ones. Alison is very much a "nurturer by nature", and loves nothing more than sitting in a sunny spot at Chez Lebowitz fastidiously grooming Milo and herself as well!

Alison is discovered by the paparazzi!

Here is one of our favorite photos of Alison. Alison is a very quiet and unpretentious kitty. While she enjoys writing stories for the web, she is not into shameless self-promotion, unlike some of her feline friends who shall remain nameless. She is happiest when she is bestowing unconditional love on her human mother, Ruth and her feline friends, Ditzy, Otie and Milo. We hope you have enjoyed Alison's favorite photos, and please visit us again soon. Love and purries, Ruth and Alison
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