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Ditzy Lebowitz - Her Secret Love!

When Ditzy Met Abdul - A Love Story!
Meet Ditzy Lebowitz, a calico kitty whose considerable charm and charisma are exceeded only by her love for Meow Mix and Abdul the Great!

Ditzy's Favourite Quote!
"Let me not to the marriage of true minds admit impediment. Love is not love which alters, when it alteration finds. It is a true and ever fixed mark.." - William Shakespeare



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All About Ditzy!
Please allow me to introduce myself.
My name is Ditzy Lebowitz and I am a drop-dead gorgeous calico kitty whose considerable charm and charisma are exceeded only by my fondness for Meow Mix!
Thanks to the great success of my websites, I now enjoy the status of a feline cyber-celebrity.
Most of you out there in cyberspace are familiar with my life as a superstar, actress, writer and cult figure. But how many of you know about my secret love for a certain bon-vivant bear, named "Abdul the Great"?
Well, I have decided to reveal our hidden love, and thus, go public with one of the best-kept secrets on the web!
How do I love Abdul? Let me count the ways...

I shall now sing a paean to this very special bear, who has captured my heart, mind and imagination. He is quite simply, the love of my life.
Ready to hear about our unconventional romance?
Dear reader, your wish is my command. I hope you are in the mood for a love story...

I first met Abdul when my human slave and webmistress, Ruth was surfing the net, as is her wont.
She stumbled on a wonderful website called, "Abdul the Great!" It was all about a remarkable teddy bear, who travels far and wide, having wondrous adventures which he shares with his many fans in cyberspace.
At first, my curiosity was merely piqued, but the more I saw of Abdul, the more I admired him for his wit, urbanity, and sartorial splendor.
Abdul is quite a debonair bear, and his marvelous wardrobe is coveted by a certain resident at Chez Lebowitz who shall for now, remain nameless.
Abdul's winning combination of charm, savoir faire and that certain "je ne sais pas", endears him more to me with every passing day, every beat of my feline heart.

It is not just Abdul's urbanity that makes him so special.
He is also an actor who has appeared in such cult hits as "The Attack of the Lizard Men From Mars", "Bear Babes - The Movie", and the low-budget, but critically acclaimed film, "The Bear Bitch Project".

At this point you may very well be thinking, "Ditzy, you are a celebrity in your own right. Your eponymous websites, "Ditzy Lebowitz - Sumo Kitty!" and "Ditzy Lebowitz - Superkitty!" have made you not only a household name on the internet, but a a sure-fire box-office draw in Hollywood, destined to make Julia Roberts look like a flash in the pan!
Your 8 X 10 glossies are being auctioned off at e-Bay for a pretty penny. You are on the A-List for all those glamourous Hollywood soirees, and it is just a matter of time before it is your turn to tread the red carpet at the Oscars.
You have your own table at Spago, and Wolfgang Puck has even named a pizza with anchovies after you.
David Geffen has you on speed-dial. Steven Spielberg calls you for advice. George Lucas relies on your savvy regarding merchandizing, ever since you thought up that tie-in with Pepsi and Star Wars.
You have just finished shooting, "Ditzy Lebowitz - Superkitty!", an action-packed film which will skyrocket your career into the stratosphere. So why
does this bear make you weak in the knees?
You wear your heart on your sleeve, although he does not know of your passion for him. You are very much in thrall, your heart putty in the capable paws of your would-be ursine lover.
What strange power does this "bear extraordinaire" hold over you? Here is my answer for you, courtesy of Rodgers and Hammerstein...

Some enchanted evening, you may meet a strange bear. You may meet a strange bear, across a crowded room. And somehow you know - you know even then, that somehow you'll see him again and again.
Who can explain it? Who can tell you why? Fools give you reasons. Wise men never try....

Okay, I lifted that from "South Pacific". So sue me.
At the drop of a hat, I could segue into "This is My Beloved" from Kismet, so just count your blessings that I am showing more than a modicum of restraint.

By now, you surely have the picture as plain as day.
Abdul is handsome, witty, urbane, a snappy dresser, and a citizen of the world. He is a gentlebear and a scholar. He is self-promoting with, shall we say, a "healthy ego"? Same here! He is on the cusp of super-stardom both on the net and in Hollywood.
Same here!
He has a webmistress, Ann Pinion, who is his abject slave.
Same situation here! I delegate all of the scut work to my abject slave, Ruth and she is grateful that I keep her on the payroll. Forutnately for her, I believe that nepotism begins at home.
True, I pay her only "scale" - just enough to keep the litterboxes filled and the food bowls overflowing at the humble abode I share with Alison, Ditzy and Otie, who are charming felines, but relative nonentities on the net.
I keep them on the payroll as well, and they are most grateful that I allow them to share cyberspace with a star of my magnitude. Let's face facts. Although Milo, Otie and Alison have their own websites, they are in every way, inferior to mine.

One of my favorite traits of Abdul's is his single-minded goal, which is nothing less than total domination of the internet. I share that ambition with him. I intend to start with the internet, then take over the planet, and ultimately, the universe.
Abdul and I are kindred spirits with the same ambitions and prioritites. How could we not unite?
It is no secret that Abdul enjoys his food and is quite a gourmet.
Same here! As a self-acknowledged sybarite, I revel in gustatory pleasures, and am proud of my eighteen pounds of feline pulchritude. Abdul himself refers to his "rotundity" and his "Hitchcockian profile".
I admire Abdul for all these traits, since they are mine as well. Surely this bear is my destined one.

What will happen next? Are wedding bells in store for Ditzy and Abdul? You will have to read Liz Smith's column as well as my postings faithfully, for updates on this unconventional romance.
Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of "Ditzy Lebowitz - Her Secret Love". This romance is pretty hot stuff, if you ask me...



Ditzy's Favourite Things
The love of her life, Abdul the Great!
Meow Mix, both original flavour and Seafood Middles
Sheba Succulent Crab in Aspic
Whiskas Turkey and Giblets
Spago's for late night noshes and great dish
The Chateau Marmont for its funky ambience
A mini-bar well-stocked with Whisker Lickins - Salmon Flavor
Reading bits about herself in "Variety" and Liz Smith's column
Fan mail from admirers and sycophants
Subservience in felines and in humans, a trait that is all too often underestimated
Current bedside reading - The Prince by Machiavelli
Role model - Mussolini (He made the trains run on time!)
Orson Welles, because he was a "triple threat" - acting writing and directing his own vehicles, an aspiration of Ditzy's
Favourite song - "Some Enchanted Evening" (Ditzy is a closet romantic!)
Abdul the Great's low-budget, yet critically acclaimed film , "The Bear Bitch Project"!
All this and much, much more...



Ditzy's Least Favourite Things!
An empty food bowl - unconscionable and unacceptable!
Alley Cat or other pedestrian fare substituted for Meow Mix - Degoutante! Infect! Take it away!
Anyone who makes disparaging remarks about Ditzy's avoirdupois - off with their heads!
Anyone who does not appreciate Abdul for the fine actor that he is - philistines!
Star-struck fans who pester her in public for autographs - Get a life!
A mini-bar not stocked with Whisker Lickins - Call the concierge and make a big stink about it!
Lack of subservience in humans and in felines - Unacceptable - They must know their place!
Abdul's Eskimo Pie Watchcap - Wait until Mr. Blackwell sees that, and don't get me started on this topic!
All this and much, much more...


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My friends' home pages, favorite URLs, other pages on my web site.

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