Boss of Bosses

Character: Paul Castellano

"Hey, c'mon Tommy, we could've been towed. Relax it's Christmastime."

"No, I promised Neil on his deathbed we'd see what he's got to say. If he knew about it then he goes, end of story."

"Who's security for the sit down?"

"Where's our guys?"

Tommy get back in the car!"

"I love it up here."

"You guys miss all the beauty up here. Up here you forget about the porn houses, the hookers, the shockin, all the filth down there in the street. Right Tommy?"

"Piney, when your grandkids sit on your lad and they say, 'grandpa, how'd you get this beautiful house, those nice cars?' What do you say? I'm a pimp, a hijacker, a smuggler, what?"

"Amen to that."

"Hello Jimmy, I hear we're havin' a problem."

"No, let him speak Tommy."

"Mr. Gambino isn't your problem my friend, I am."

"It's alright Piney. I like a man who says right out where he stands, cuz I'm gonna tell you where I stand. We voted you in, you knew the deal, and now you don't wanna pay? Do you like soup Malone?"

"Soup, you know, do you like soup?"

"Good I'm glad you like it. Because afta Tommy here is through with breakin your jaw it's gonna have to be wired, and the only thing you're gonna be able to eat is soup. Through a straw. So now, you tell me. Do you like soup that much not to pay me my two points?"

"I'm glad we straitened it out. You know talkin about food, I got hungry all of the sudden. C'mon lets get something to eat."

"M'm Nina, always the best."

"Well at least help you clean up. C'mon the way you slave."

"Without my only daughter, c'mon it's Sunday night."

"Nina don't start, alright. I had nothing to do with her meeting him."

"How could I?"

"Forget it! End of discussion!"

"Look at me. What do you see?"

"Respect or fear, huh? You think I busted my ass all my life for you kids to be wasted. You will graduate from colege, with diplomas, with your heads held up high. Nothing to fear from no one."

"Let me educate you about those guys out there with the broken down cars. They got the toughest mob in the world and don't you ever forget that. And if I mess up they will crush me like a cockaroach. But as long as I know that that's what keeps me stronger then them. This ain't the movies boys. People die sometimes, and you will not be a part of it. Wondering who's gonna nail you first, your best friend of the government. What kind of like is that? C'mon. Listen I've been waitin to tell you this. Paul Jr. Joe, I'm givin you blue ribbon meats. Philip, I'm settin you up in Scarenmix Cement. All legit. You'll have part of nothing else, understood. Your my sons. I love yas, c'mere."

"How's it feel to be millionairs?"

"I promised you before we got married. I promised you on that rooftop didn't I? Our kids will be clean."


"Catherin's maid, Marcita, knows her sister. Fresh from Colombia. No ties here. Make sure she knows my study's off limits and uh keep herself scarce when my guys are around."

"Nina, you relax, go shopping, visit with Connie."

"Nina go enjoy yourself."

"I'm right here Carlo."

"We're still here."

"Scared? You? No, never."

"Hey, nobody gets out alive, Carlo. Alright?"

"Yeah, I remember."

"You rest Carlo."

"What about Neal?"

"Rest Carlo, rest."

"So Neal, how fast are you and your crew gonna be alright with this?"

"Well I'm gonna change things, you're my underboss, my right arm."

"Yeah well they better learn fast. These young kids today, they're so tempted, they got big balls but their minds are weak, they want everything fast and easy."

"Yeah, but the world's changed and we gotta change with it."

"How do I take them all to where I wanna go, huh? You tell me."


"Tonight you'll see."

"I got some business to discuss, alright?"

"These guys better keep those young girls away from me. You mess with a girl like that you might as well put a bullet in your brain."

"Oh my god."

"Look spread the word, keep those young girls away from me I take it as a personal insult."


"Ya know not right now Joey in a little while but I wanna talk to you about some business."

"Look Joey's steady, he's a good earner, he's not been violent in a while. I'll fund him for a year and see what he does with the dog tracks and the books down there. The other guys will see what kind of guy gets rewarded, maybe it will help them calm down a bit, alright? C'mon. Salude."

"Babies with the bath water. Wow!"


"Oh, sorry."

"I'm alright now."

"I'm sorry, what was your name again?"

"Gloria, yeah, uh...sit down...sit down."

"Please, I like to get to know the people who work for me...sit down."

"It's pretty good."

"So you know who I am?"

"Yeah I'm the boss. Your english is pretty good."

"Power, money, is that why you came to America?"

"Do me a favor, drop this sir ok? I feel old enough as it is, just me Paul."

"Well if I'm the boss then I say what's proper, right?"

"Gloria. Thanks for bustin' me out of that dream."

"Gloria you are way too young to understand something like that."

"See that wasn't so hard."

"This is a great tribute. It honors me. You know my cousin Don Carlo was a great man, and we'll miss him very much. But we must get down to the business at hand. I have a plan. To controll all of New York City. To ensure all our friends have jobs. We will build construction fronts and bid our way to the top using our unions. We will own the New York Skyline. All of it. We'll make a fortune, and the law won't be able to touch us. But to do this, we must keep a low profile. That's why I want your crew to devote their towns. The money lending, numbers, the water front, car businesses, businesses that won't draw attention. And like always, no cop killing or civilians. And everybody, hear me on this one. No drug dealin' under the penalty of death. You deal you die, no acceptions. I know Carlo turned his head sometimes, but I won't. Any friend of ours gets caught dealin'. No meeting, no appeal, you become a memory. No one could help you. From now on, our way will be the business way. And we'll rule longer than the Roman Empire. Presidents of unions come to us now. One day it will be the president of the United States."

"What are you doin'?"

"I told you I wanted to talk to them first. How can I talk to them like this. Huh? You Irish have been warned before to stay out of our territory with your number stores."

"You will make it right. There are no next times. And don't ever mistake kindness for weakness again, you hear me?"

"I wanna talk to everbody right now."

"Didn't I say not to do anything till I gave the order?"

"Did I give the order?"

"I don't care what Neil said! I'm the boss of this family not Neil! I don't wanna say that again. Understand?"

"Go ahead take a swim. Why not?"

"I don't know why I have it anyway, nobody ever uses it."

"Well money makes life comfortable, Gloria, it doesn't make you happy. I mean look at the dreams I have, right? I like the way you look at me. Like you can read my mind."

"You swim any time you want."

"It's only the begining. We're gonna bid into everything. I wanna shit every job site in Mannhatten. C'mon."

"Back off Tommy."


"I don't know this Donnie Brasco."

"Most fed suits don't have your balls. They usually sneak around parked cars like whimps with those long lenses."

"Well then I give you an answer. If you knew anything about me you would know that I would never approve of the situation that you discribed, and I would condem it. But since we're being strait with each other do me a favor."

"When you come with me. Do it this way. Like men. Like you are today. Don't ever frame me. Don't make something out of nothing. I've seen it, and it stinks of cowardness. Goodday gentlemen."

"Lift up a stone contract."

"Carlo was wrong, lift it. Stones, and coppers, family, civilians. End of story."

"What they like isn't my problem. We're not playin' street games any more. We're goin' all the way. The decisions I make, I make."

"What's wrong?"

"No no no, look I won't touch or harm you. Just tell me, why are you crying?"

"C'mere sit I wanna know why, tell me."

"Gloria, whatever it is I've heard and seen worse, believe me. Just say it."


"Gloria, we're all violated, all of us. What happened to you is in the past. You were forced, it wasn't your fault."

"I felt that way too."

"I get lonely sometimes. And sometimes I feel...sometimes I feel old. But I like talkin' to you. You make me think of another time...when I was younger."

"They really yelled at her?"

"You the Feebs are lookin' for any way in. For them to come after the maid they must be desparate. Piney."

"Please no more headaches."

"I give him my army and he spits in my face."

"Not you, send Agro. Tell him to make a statment but no mess. Make him a memory."

"Agro's a maniac, and that DeMeo's just as bad. Everything we worked for could get flushed right down the toilet. The legit building permits, the bids, even the unions'll turns their backs if this thing gets outta hand."

"Cowboys. They don't listen. Can't work clean. It's gotta stop. Alright Piney, we have to send a message to Bazzini's family."

"Are you crazy? You know sometimes you talk through your ass cuz your mouth knows better. What's wrong with you. You put fifty K in Bazzini's accout, he'll know what it means."

"Then Agro. Use our Florida contacts inside the jail down there. You help Tommy remember who we reward and who we punish. And at the same time I'm in Florida testifying, we start cleaning up the loose cannons."

"Oh you know who they are. For starters, that maniac, DeMeo. He loves killin' too much. And Sacco always with the drugs, he's next!

"That's right, clean house."

"Let's make the time productive while I'm away. And while I'm down there. They're the ones saying I have to go, right? Then they can't blaim me for anyhting that happeneds while I'm away.

"A vacation would be nice, yeah. Why not?"

"Gloria, I just wanna be with you."

"If two people feel this way how could it be wrong."

"Well how do you feel about me?"

"That's all?"

"So is that what this is about? You care about me because of your job?"

"You know what? Forget it. No really, forget it."

"Well then you forget that I'm your boss. Forget that you work or me. Forget every bad thing that ever happened to you because I can make it better. I can make all ht bad stuff go away, Gloria. Just look at me as a man who cares about you. All I wanna hear is how you feel about me. Just tell me...tell do you feel about me?"

"I don't wanna discuss it."

"I don't wanna talk about it any more."

"Nina...where's my gold cuff links?"

"You like it? Nice. Gloria, Gloria. You wanna rob him of his tip? C'mon. You've been servin' all your life, it's time somebody served you. Here you go."

"Well believe it. Because you are here. And you're here with me."

"For what?"

"Afta dinner, I wanna see your new outfits."

"Goin' places, doin' things. When ever I'm not in court."

"It's gonna be fine. You trust me. It's gonna be okay."

"I testified, they lost their witness. Nothing came of it. They're sending me champagne to celebrate."


"That you don't need to know."

"What is my face like then?"

"You see all that?"

"Hey, everything alright?"

"It's gonna be okay."

"Nina, be quiet, be still now."

"Nina, what are you doin'?"

"Nina, this is your home. It's not right. I don't what you to go."

"No, she's at Connie's."


"Neil, for christ's sake, you look terrible. Are you alright?"

"I'm worried about you, Neil."

"So, John, you ready for a step up?"

"Of course."

"John, I have some business to discuss with Neil."

"Yeah well I'm gettin' nervous too, Neil. You see Piney's been hearin' things on the street, and I don't like it."

"Some of your people might be dealin' it."

"Angel Ruggerio and Gene Gotti. That's the rumor."

"Well I can't believe that your boy, John, doesn't know either."

"There's nothing too say. You know what the rule is."

"Neil, the rule it you deal, you die."

"It's when guys start thinking of themselves. That's when this thing of ours will be destroyed. They're greedy from drugs."

"Yes I can blame them. Cuz it's easier to make 200 million with no risk then 500 million with the feds up my ass! Can't you see that? Doesn't anybody see that? Am I the only one? And don't tell me about tough guys, Neil. Because as soon as these tough guys today get caught and they're facing hard time they sing better than Pararotti! In our time..."

"I'll try."

"Forget it"

"I appreciate your advice, Neil, but uh...a meeting now's too dangerous."

"I'll think about it."

"You have my word."

"Six in the morning. What's so important? This better be good."

"Angel Ruggerio and Gene Gotti."

"Neil's in the hospital dying, and now this."

"Neil was right. Neil was right. Alright listen, I'm gonna call a commission meeting tomorrow. I want all the heads in the families there."

"Am I the boss? Am I the head of this commission, or what? Huh? Greedy kids. They're crapping on the richest feast in history. Where am I gonna recruit guys? You tell me. Harvard? Yale? I wish I could. I'm stuck trying to make morons into legitimate people. Tommy, find a place. Not some hotel or restaurant."

"Good. Tell them we guarantee security."

"Go ahead, go."

"We all love our families, and we're building a great empire. And yet in each of our families there's these young guys, impatient and greedy who deal on the side behind our backs and some of us know it. This cannot go on. These guys got to be punished. Drugs will destroy this thing of ours, believe me. It'll take away all our white-collar business that's drowning us in money."

"Right, and some of us look the ohter way cuz the money's so good."

"Your right. And when I leave here today, you'll see what it meanss when I say you deal, you die. I expect no less from all of you. The time has come to get rid of the renegades in the family."

"What's this?"


"I know what is it."

"It's alright, c'mere."

"Listen, I just have to go with these guys. It's gonna be alright, okay? It's gonna be okay. Piney, you take her to Connie's. It's alright. It's nothing."

"It's nothing. Okay?"

"No, no you stay there."

"In my own home you shame me."

"Calling it a job makes it right?"

"Look, the media vutures come to feed."

"Are you takin' me through that circus?"

"Wow, and I thought they took you hearts out when you graduated the FBI academy."

"No idea what you mean."

"Tapes? What tapes? You bugged my home? You bugged my house, my home, were I live? Where my family? I don't believe that. C'mon that's too low even for you guys. You bugged my home, a place of business fine, a social club, but you don't bug a man's home. I don't believe this. What else you listen to? Me and Gloria in the bedroom? You wack off and you giggle?"

"It's not right, you bug a man's home. It's not right."

"Don't I get a trial first?"

"Look...I'm from Brooklyn...I was born poor. I'm not saying that being poor mean you didn't have to live my rules. I hate that cry baby stuff. i mad my own choices. There are certain promises a man makes that carry more weight than 100 bibles full of law. And you live by those promises. And if you don' should be dead anyway. So I got nothing to do what you gotta do."

"You know you guys are worse than we ever were."

"I wanna sit down with that greedy bastard, Gotti. All of this triggered by him."

"I promised Neil, you know that."

"I promised to a dying friend. If that isn't sacred, then what is?"

"Set it up."

"Look at that bridge, huh? It's beautiful."

"You got no eyes, Tommy. That bridge has been here 100 years. You see it Piney?"

"Tommy pull over on the side of the road."

"Look there's plenty of time for that. Tommy just pull over on the side. My uncle worked on this bridge. He riveted his name up high in the steel. I asked, I said, 'Who's gonna see it.' He said, 'nobody. God sees it.'"

"It's about this thing, Gloria, about leaving some reminder. You lived, you were there, you tried."

"The next days and weeks will decide that, Gloria."

"You swore you'd never go back there. You's do that for me?"

"And what would I do there?"

"I can't."

"As much as I want to I can't. This is my life. This is where I took my stand for my family. Don't make me choose."

"People are counting on me, Gloria. There lives depend on what I do."

"Tommy, c'mon we could've been towed. Relax it's Christmasstime."

"In my life, I've committed many evil acts, many. From the misery of others, Father...I've made millions of dollars. They call me the Boss of Bosses."

"Say a prayer and make it all go away."