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Celebspy's Collection


This is my collection of the Caps, Scans, and Collages that I have put together over the past few months. Every week this page will change and will contain a different set every week. So check back often to see what is new on the page.

Celebspy Classics

Karen Allen  Adrienne Barbeau  Farrah Fawcett  Kristy McNichoel

Movie Collages

Two from the Movie "Demon Island", the movie stars one of my favorite Female stars Jamie Pressley.

Demon Island 1  Demon Island 2

A couple from the movie "Halloween", these caps were amongst the first that I had ever made and the quality was not the best.

PJ Soles, Halloween  PJ Soles, Halloween  PJ Soles, Halloween  PJ Soles, Halloween

A few from the Movie "Friday the 13th: Jason Goes to Hell"

Michelle Clunie  Michelle Clunie  Michelle Clunie