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March 19, 2003

Heath, Orlando and Naomi will be at Fox Studios Sydney

from: Orlando Bloom Multimedia

A radio spot on 104.1 2dayfm, Australia, says that Heath, Orlando and Naomi will be at Fox Studios Sydney, at 6 pm on Tuesday to walk the red carpet for the Ned Kelly premiere. On another note Avalonmists wrote to say that Naomi Watts was on Rove (Network Ten, Australia) last night, but no mention of Orlando. The clip from Ned Kelly they showed was Julia and Ned talking about she being his alibi. It was a bit longer than the same scene they showed on Today Tonight last week. Naomi got quite embarassed when asked about how it was working with your off-screen lover as an on-screen lover. She found it difficult to actually answer the question, aside from pointing out that her and Heath only became 'friends' during filming.

Ned Kelly premiere preparations, armour revealed and more

from: Orlando Bloom Multimedia

Only three days to go before the world premiere of "Ned Kelly"! The event takes place this Saturday, March 22 at Melbourne's Regent Theatre, 191 Collins St. Guests will begin arriving from 6pm onwards, so make sure you arrive early if you are keen to see the stars of the film. If you can't be in Melbourne, log on to for photos from the big night. The official site has also been updated with new interviews with Geoffrey Rush, production designer Steven Jones Evans, costume designer Anna Borghesi and make-up and hair designer Jenny Shircore. Also this week they have revealed the long-awaited pictures of the Kelly Gang in full armour in the Gallery section.

Return of the King promo ad

from: The One

TORN has posted the first pre-promotion advertising for Return of the King.

Return of the King Ending (Spoiler Alert sorta)

from: The One

An interview with Peter Jackson reveals the ending Return of the King. I won't type it here due to spoilers, however click the link above and you can read it if you'd like!