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I was walking along minding my business. Yes. I was. I window shopped, but never stopped to buy. I could pass up Tom Cruise and his sofa-jumping shenanigans. I could just say no to Mr. Pitt and his blonde hair and dimples. I could even enjoy a Johnny Depp movie without breaking a sweat, but England, oh England, what have you done to us? I walked by my TV set and what did I spy there? Your secret studmuffin and his acting sizzles to boot? How could you do this to us? Why didn't he come with a warning label? What did Canada ever do to you? We are mesmerized... he'll go mysteriously missing! Did you ever think of that when you were flaunting this man in front of the camera, shipping his incredible visage and screen presence off to the CBC?

He's gorgeous.
He's sexy.
He can act.
He provides eye candy even in bad movies.
Oh-oh. I think he knows we're after him!
Oh Lord no! The BBC have got him!

Ah... safe on the boat to Canada... we'll protect him from the big bad network.

Finally at Mayzee's house, he can enjoy a beer!

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Ok! Enough silliness! This web page is... OBVIOUSLY... not officially associated with Mr. Eccleston and yadda yadda yadda. It's a fan site, light-hearted at that. I am very much an admirer of his work and he seems like a right decent fellow... and gorgeous... the word is gorgeous (he says gargoyle).

I do not know who the guy is dating or snogging or skanking about with, nor do I care what colour his knickers are, and I am not in the business of finding out, so if you came to this site looking for that info, better go to If you want to discover and share a common interest in a fantastic actor, engaging personality and slap-your-mother handsome man, come right in and click away!

Click the tardis to email Mayzee!

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