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Moon And Back Graphics ~ Words Of Passion





He fills my soul with passion
With love beyond compare
Whenever I am with him
The glow of warmth so rare

Whenever he is near me
My heart and soul will soar
He is my inspiration
This man whom I adore

He takes me to the heavens
We dance within the sky
His arms of love enfolding
Our spirits will collide

Moon and stars are glowing
Upon the path we go
Touched by love and passion
This truth we two now know

Love is never distant
It's shared with love we give
Our hearts are joined together
For all the life we live.

~ Francine Pucillo 
The sisters of SoLPH would like
to help celebrate your special
day on this May 21st, 2003.
We hope that your day is blessed
with great happiness & love.