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**It Hurts So Bad**

it hurts so bad
to see you get mad
to sit back and watch
watch you be sad

it hurts so bad
to listen to you cry
and to hear you say
that you wish u would die

it hurts so bad
to know we cant be
not for a while
not till im free

it hurts so bad
how much you care
when i care so much
its so hard to bare

**I Want You**

i want you

but i dont know why
you didnt do anything
just made me cry

i tried to move on
tried to forget you
but its not that easy
i found that out too

i miss the sweet things
do you miss thous too,
the laughs the hugs
the "i love you"s?

ill always remember
the times that we shared
but i cant spend my life
wishing you were there

i want you
but im not givein in this time


theres tuff compitention
you think theres no chance
but you walk on the stage
and you start to dance

your heart beats faster
your smiles so wide
you love every moment
you dance with such pride

the lites are shinning
all eyes on you
the song is over
your dance is through

so dance with your heart
dance what you feel
thats when you know
that the dancer is real

m o r e t o c o m e . .

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