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*Hey my name is Rebecca Leanne [ im not gunna put my last name sumone will try and stalk me lol ] im 13 and in the 8th grade. I go to John Chavis Middle School in a small hick town.. called cville.. i have lotsa lotsa friends! wanna no who they are go to my gurls and guys page! *hehe* but anyways i love to dance, and do gymnastics.. i have blonde hair and hazle sumtimes blue eyes.. depends on what im wearin lol mostly hazle thou.. im bout 5'5" im a WHITE grl im real tan and skinny ppl say i look like a barbie lol but i RESENT that ALOT! lol cuz IM NOT A BARBIE!!! lol anyways.. my bestest friends are amber linze deana linz and brittany! linze brit amber and deana are my skittle sisters! lol but anyways.. ima write a lil bio! so sit back and relaxe..

you think you know..... but you have no idea.... this is the bio of becca...

okie.. when i was born... no lol not that far back.. but when i was like 4 i went to mrs burgesses.. my 2nd daycare teacher.. well thats where i met linze mauney.. my partner in crime.. anyways.. she was and is my best friend but me and her were inceprable... we got in a lota trouble too... and we had these "spy books" lol and we wrote crap about EVERYONE even the teachers... and one day.. we were writein in them and our teacher saw me n linze puttin them back in our bags. And the teacher went over to linze and took hers from her. but she didnt take mine. and she started to read the pages. then looked at me and linze and started to read the pages aloud. to everyone that we wrote about. and started ripping the pages out. I'ne never seen linze so mad as she did that day.. and we were rilly lil.. anyways.. a couple days after that everything was fine. Theres so many more daycare stories but to much to type.. way to much..

then.. i started kindergarden.. there i found my first love.. sigh.. lol yeah, seriously i did. me and this boy named shawn lol we dated till 4th grade.. and i broke up with him.. for zack.. which was totally dumb.. i was so stupid.. but thn in 5th grade i wanted him backa nd we dated a while then he dumped me for kellyn.. grr.. ever sence then ive never done anything i know i mite regret later. Thats somthing ill always regret. i hate regret. grr. but 5th grade is also where i made my new best friend. Amber. we were totally inseprable. we did everything together. and it went on like that through 6th grade. 6th grade is also where i met salina. and kendall.. ug.. lemme tell u bout that.. in 6th grade i met a boy named kendall mcneil. i liked him the 1st time i saw him. i let him kno it to. i had to idea he had a gurl friend thought. which was salina. but we flirted and all kinds of stuff. and then at the halloween dance. i asked him out. he said yes. and dumped salina. salina was really upset. but like i said, i had no idea. then kendall played us both, he dated salina and me at the same time. then me and salina jus said screw it and fergot kendall and became bestest friends ^_^ lol. but ive known brittany sence 5th too.. well i knew her b4 but never talked to her.. but anyways.. in 6th the skittles all came together. 6th was awsome. till the end of the year. everyones fav teacher of all time left. mr warren. everyone bawled and cried all day. it was awful. terra took his clock,lol. 7th.. whoa.. 7th.. it was a very emotional year for me.. i was in the office non stop with the guidence councaler. me and my friends.. we cried so much that year.. so many fights and broken hearts.. i was so glad to get to 8th. not much has happend so far. lots of boy troubles thou. haveing to choose. but none now. i got who i want and im happy. hehe. yeah well.. thats the life of me cut down into 2 paragraphs.. laterz!*