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    Born on September the 27th of 1984, in a small town somewhere in Ontario, Canada, called Napanee, Avril started singing at the early age of 2. While 17-years-old, in high school, after sending round a videotape of herself singing and performing, Avril got a reply from Nettwerk Records, and started working in a demo deal. "So they hooked me up with a writer and I ended up moving to New York because I was going to write with him for awhile."

    "One day, someone from Arista came by the studio and heard me and wanted to bring "LA" Reid (president of Arista) to come hear me," she continues. "I sang a couple of songs for him and he wanted to sign me right away. I wasn't even shopping for a deal! That doesn't happen very often. I mean, sometimes bands take 10 years to get a deal! So I was very, very, very lucky."

    "It won't really make me change," she says. "I'm not worried about what other people say. I'm just going to be myself. I'm not going to try to pretend I'm someone else. I'm not a bad person. I like to have fun and I like to be myself. Hopefully, people will see that."

    Differently from many other current artists, Avril Lavigne writes her own songs and refuses to do what she doesn't want to. "At one photo shoot, they tried to glam me all up and I didn't like it. They just wouldn't listen to me." she says.