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July, the 3rd - 2003

Avril Lavigne was the recipient of a 2003 MuchMusic Video Award (MMVA) in the category of 'Best International Video by a Canadian' for her 'Sk8er Boi' video. The awards were handed out in Toronto on Sunday, June 22nd.

Avril's New Album
Avril's manager, Shauna Gold, has said that Avril is already hard at work at her second album, expected to be released early next year. In addition, Avril is not currently working with the Matrix, the songwriting trio that helped her write several songs for her debut album; however, they haven't yet ruled out during so in the future.

Sk8er Boi, the film
Pop singer Avril Lavigne's hit single " Sk8er Boi" is heading to the big screen. Paramount Pictures has optioned the song and hired " ER" writer/producer David Zabel to adapt its words into a feature film to be produced by studio-based MTV Films and Alphaville. The song, which captures the divide between cliques and cultures, is about a teenager girl who rejects a skater boi with a crush on her bcuz her friends didn't approve of him-even though she secretly likes him. Years later, he becomes a famous rock star and she is left with regrets. Because the song has become an anthem for teenagers, the film will be true to spirit of the song. Also titled "Sk8er Boi," the feature will focus on the two teens from different backgrounds and the social constraints in which they find themselves.

The project, though not a musical, will have a heavy musical component in the style of the studio's previous hits " Flashdance," "Footloose" and "Save the Last Dance."

Scott Spock, Lauren Christy, and Graham Edwards -- the writing- production team collectively known as the Matrix who co-wrote with Lavigne and produced "Sk8er Boi," among other hits, on Lavigne's album "Let Go"-will act as consultants on the screen play. They also will create an event album with new original songs arounf the movie and executive produce the soundtrack.

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