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Early Years


Charles W. Swan was borned in Hartville, SC  He was delivered into this world by Nurse Practitioner

 Mrs. Spann.   She delivered  a 10 pound baby boy.  Charles spent  the first five years of his life in Hartsville, SC   At the age of 5, he was brought to Baltimore for schooling. 



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Nelson Mandela





Charles grew up in the neighborhood of "Upton" Harlem and Fremont Aves., 829 Harlem Avenue in Baltimore, Maryland. His mother and father were his guiding light. Charles's father, Alexander Swan worked at Bethlehem Steel Corporation for thirty years and never missed a sick day. His dad was born in Dillwyn, VA His mother Anna Swan was a housewife. . The Reverend Andrew Scott stated that Charles got along very well with others, even as a very young child. He was always willing to make himself available to help others. He was brought up in a Christian home and was raised in Pennsylvania AME Zion Church. He participated in all the Church's activities including those in the community. Reverend Andrew Scott stated that it has been a pleasure to have known this young man. Charles from infancy was an obedient and agreeable baby. We felt that he was a God fearing man and would be an asset to the field of medicine. His God Mother, Mrs. Washington thought that he may become President............Charles excelled in life working utimately for two Presidents.



Intelligence Quota Genius was not an inherited quality OPUS Majus written in 1928 . Virtue clarifies the mind so that man may comprehend more easily not only moral but scientific truths. Innocency of the soul have gain greater proficiency. Virtuous activity is not sufficient for genius. It is enough to understand the laws of nature that are already discovered and for an experimental comprehension of the known world, but not a genius. Two further qualities are necessary to keep the gap from intelligence to genius. Creativity the discovery of new laws-a special revelation- fundamental insight given to those worthy of it by God. The application of this process of discovery to transform the world to benefit all. God ordained that the revelation should be given the world so that the human race may be saved. God is the intelligence active in all our souls in all cognition. Person of genius apply their search for wisdom to solving the immediate crisis of human civilization, harnessing Little Geniuses to their end those principles in accord natural law for all eternity. Lastly the final ingredient for genius is humility-the learned ignorance. If man lived through infinite ages in the perfect in their mental state, he would arrive with certainty at the perfection of wisdom is the multitude of things knowledgeable. Charles often kept his hand raised in class. It was obvious that he had a thirst for knowledge. It was discovered that Charles along with several of his classmates were little geniuses. This group included Moses Knight, Laurel Phillips, Pamela Russell, Barbara Gallop, Margaret Taylor, Rollin Kelly and Edward Pope were sent to Elementary School#132 for special studies in the summer of 1948 in Baltimore. This group skipped half of the school year for each subsequent grade from the 1st to the 6th grades at #161 Fannie L. Bourbor Elementary School in Baltimore, Maryland.

Charles often kept his hand raised in class. It was obvious that he had a thirst for knowledge. It was discovered that Charles along with several of his classmates were little geniuses. This group included Moses Knight, Laurel Phillips, Pamela Russell, Barbara Gallop, Margaret Taylor, Roland Kelly and Edward Pope were sent to Elementary School#132 for special studies in the summer of 1949 in Baltimore. This group skipped half of the school year for each subsequent grade from the 1st to the 6th grades at #161 Fannie L. Bourbor Elementary School in Baltimore, Maryland.

There are several people who forged Charles thinking and directed his growth. These people are called spirit enlighteners. Such people were his father, Alexander Swan who raised him. Gary Cooper, actor who showed him bravery and courage. Ronald Reagan, President, who was straight forward, direct, and to the point.  Bishop Carroll McCormick, Scranton, PA who demonstrated to him love and dedication to humanity. Charles rode the same Amtrack train from Washington, DC to Philadelphia, PA with now Vice President Joseph Biden.

He was a young Senator from Delaware. Charles met Senator Biden in Philadelphia Regional Office of the U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare. Charles was his Federal State Representative for Delaware under the direction of the Regional Director Gorham Black. Governor Pete Dupont was governor at that time. Little did Charles know that Senator Biden was from Scranton, PA. Charles was the Executive Director of the Progressive Center, United Neighborhood Services in Scranton and a private practice in the Poconos along with Drs. Tatersol and Kitchen.



Later in life Charles met his challenges and rose to the occasion with Marks of Distinction: Presidential Policy Advisors to Presidents Reagan and George Bush, Sr.* Medal of Freedom * Legion of Merit * Senatorial Commission * United States Historical Persona * Ronald Reagan Eternal Flame of Freedom Medal * Republican Majority Medal * Presidents National Medal of Patriotism * The America Air Museum Founders Registry of Honor from Queen Elizabeth * Marquis Who's Who in America * Science * Medicine * World * Movieeye * Nominated Time Magazine Person of the Century * Starpages * Famousbirthdays * Knighted June 2000 * The Religious and Military Order Knights of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem* Sir

Charles W. Swan


Charles was nominated into Who's Who in Science * Medicine and the World * The World Health Organization *  Behavorial Medicine * Psychoneuroimmunology * Clifton T. Perkins Hospital Center * The New York Academy of Science * American Association of World Health * National Library of Medicine * Human Genome Sequencing Management Center * North Atlantic Treaty Organization (Scientific and Environmental Programmes) * Center for Disease Control * American Association for the Advancement of Science * American Physics Society * Stanford University Electronic Library * Cornell University Law Library * The United States Supreme Court Historical Society * American Library Association, American Medical Association.
He has been listed as a United States Historical Persona . 



News and Press




An Agency of the State of Maryland,


 Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
8450 Dorsey Run Rd., P.O. Box 1000 * Jessup, MD 20794-1000 * 

M. Richard Fragala, M.D. Superintendent
Ronald R. /. Hendler, M.PJi. Assistant Superintendent
Alice Shannon, M.D. Acting Clinical Director

August 25, 1997
Dr. Charles Swan, Emeritus 16127 Ancroft Court Tampa, Florida 33647



8450 Dorsey Run Road
P.O. Box 1000 Jessup, MD 20794-1000


Dear Dr. Swan:
Thank you for your letter dated August 16, 1997.  It is wonderful to know that a former staff family member of Clifton T. Perkins Hospital Center (CTPHC) is encouraged by our growth and progress in the care for and the treatment of the mentally ill.

The staff members you listed in your letter are no longer working here but their hard work and dedication to the Hospital's mission helped guide this Institution towards its viability in the next millennium.

I'm afraid I don't have a personal copy of the A&E network documentary. The Hospital has a copy which for obvious reasons must remain at the Hospital. However you may obtain a copy of the documentary on videocassette and a written transcript of the documentary by contacting the A&E network located in New York City.


I wish you all the best in every future endeavor.

M. Richard Fragala, M.D.
cc: File



Clifton T. Perkins Hospital Center

At Clifton T. Perkins Hospital Center fellows are responsible for
completing in-depth, detailed pretrial evaluations of defendants
who have filed the insanity plea, also known in Maryland as the
Not Criminally Responsible or NCR plea.


They are assigned two of these evaluations per month and in some cases are required to
testify in criminal trials. In addition, fellows admit and treat
criminal defendants who are incompetent to stand trial as a result
of mental illness. They perform monthly competency evaluations
on inpatients who have been adjudicated incompetent and
committed for treatment. In some cases, fellows may testify at competency hearings or participate
in clinical review panels for involuntary medication.

To develop an understanding of criminal and civil law, legal systems and logic. To be able
to use a law library, and be able to read court decisions, ferreting out the essential aspects of
those decisions.

To develop an appreciation for the overlay of legal issues into psychiatric cases, whether
civil or criminal.

To gain understanding of specific topics unique to forensic psychiatry such as malpractice,
psychic damages, insanity defense, competency, informed consent, and civil commitment.

To develop expertise in forensic evaluation and interviewing, and participation in legal

To have experience in the field of correctional psychiatry and sentencing issues.

To understand the legislative process and its relevance to the practice of psychiatry.

To develop forensic report writing skills.

To pursue a scholarly or research project related to forensic topics.

To develop expertise in lecturing, teaching and consulting.
Additional fellowship information available through this site:



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Morton Plant Hospital

323 Jeffords Street P.O. Box 210 Clearwater, Florida 34617-0210

O.S.PGSIAGI 50.? 3

DR Charles W. Swan

16127 Ancroft Ct
Tampa Palms, FL 33647

National Library Of Medicine

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NASA town meeting
 Dr. Charles Swan was a special  guest of  the Administrator of NASA  and interviewed  by  the American Association for the Advancement of Science.  

Place:  University of South Floriida






4052 Hillen Road Baltimore, MD 2 12 18 August 8, 1997
Dr. Charles Swan 16127 Ancroft Court Tampa, Florida 33647-1041

Dear Dr. Swan,
Thank you very much for your letter to Senator Sarbanes, dated July 22, 1997. Kweku (Laast) sent me a copy since I've been in Indiana the last few weeks. I am sincerely grateful to you for your assistance in getting me into the "American System".
As you know Kweku looks to you as his big brother and cant say enough about you. I hope to have the honor of meeting you in the near future. Meanwhile I will keep you informed of developments regarding my application to University of Maryland Veterinary School.
Once again, Thank you for your time and assistance.

Victoria A. K. Owiredu




Alvin Lynard Killough
November 8, 1999
Office of the Grand Magistry

The Rt. Ex. Chev. MatthewHaines, G.Cd.H.S., H.G.H.S.
Religious and Military Order of
Knights of the Holy Sepulcher

Dear Rt. Ex. Chev. Matthew Haines, G.Cd.H.S., H.G.H.S.:
I have known Dr. Swan for approximately 3 years. We first met at a family reunion in Roxboro, a small town in North Carolina, near Durham where I was teaching at North Carolina Central University.
Dr. Swan later invited me to his residence to view some theoretical papers I had written dealing with culture, health, and systems analyses. My statistical theory for using systems analyses to evaluate health outcomes on a cultural basis was an area of his intellectual and professional interest.

Concerning my work, he was very affirming and supportive in its international potential. Charles was always willing to engage in discussion with me when I called. He was friendly, but to the point. He was instructive, but truthful and loyal. Having been recently appraised of the scope of his background I must admit that I find it an honor that such a rare individual with such an extensive profile would take the time to read, to critique and to continually maintain contact while conducting such a busy, pressing agenda.

When I think of a gentleman, I think of courtesy, stamina, a willingness to be forthright with

the truth, politeness, helpful and assisting. When I think of a gentleman I think of Charles and his noble qualities of honor, respect, courage, loyalty and willingness to serve as a dedicated scholar and mentor. When I think of character, I think of the various dialogs we have engaged in over a period of time that focused on my professional development as a research scientist. Today they have left me with an appreciation for him as a regal man of quest, a man of challenge and service.

I have attempted to provide to you some guidance to a most remarkable character. And I am sure this only begins to tell the story of his passion for exactitude, bottomless curiosity for scientific understanding and inquiry. I believe that once you meet Charles you too will see what caliber of man he is, and will find all that I have described and perhaps another realm of talents yet unrevealed to me.

If I can be of additional assistance please call.

Al Killough, Ph.D.

 Room 3


Room 5