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 Charles W. Swan:IMDB


Charles' acting, singing and music debut can be traced back to his childhood in 1952 at Fannie L. Bourbar Elementary School and Pennsylvania AME Zion Church in Baltimore, Maryland. His class under the direction of Mr. Arnett Brown (teacher) had the class present the life and history of John Henry the Steel Driving Man in the puppet show. The class spent several weeks preparing for this stage show. Charles played the part of the preacher man. "The Review was a smashing say the least". Charles continued to act in school plays and blew his trumpet in the school marching band and orchestra in Booker T. Washington Junior High School and Baltimore City College. The famous saxophonist Gary Barts rose from these ranks. Charles had a little trio that played out of the Music Union Hall on Howard Street in B-More in 1955. The Swan Film Institute presented by Swan and Associates.

Palman Oui Meruit Ferat

The Royal Family

The Right Honorable Chevalier Sir Dr Charles W. Swan  The Religious and Military Order Knights of the Holy

Seulchre of Jerusalem


Mr. Gary Bartz's City Hall of Fame Induction speech enlightened the current City collegians, 1958 seemed a long time ago. His accomplishments are vast and to the delight of everyone, he joined the band and played a solo

Myrna Jackson-Cann's photo.
Myrna Jackson-Cann's photo.
Myrna Jackson-Cann's photo.
Myrna Jackson-Cann's photo.
Myrna Jackson-Cann's photo.
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Valerie E Fraling
Valerie E Fraling Gary Bartz used to play downtown years ago awesome
Pat Smith Canson
Pat Smith Canson Clarence was a fan of his!