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Dr. Charles W. Swan  Library and Museum Chamber

Room 3



Dr. Charles W. Swan

Good afternoon,

Yesterday  I had the pleasure of nominating one of the most brilliant legal minds in America -- and a friend of mine -- for the Supreme Court.

Elena Kagan's trailblazing career speaks for itself. An acclaimed legal scholar, she was the first woman to serve as Dean of Harvard Law School. A dedicated public servant, she was the first woman to serve as Solicitor General. In that position she has represented the American people before the Supreme Court in cases such as Citizens United, where she advocated forcefully for the right of Americans to be heard in our democracy over the well-funded clamor of corporate special interests.

Hear from Elena directly in a video that was recorded moments after I announced my decision:

Take it from a former constitutional law professor: deciding on the person to nominate to the Supreme Court is no easy task. But I know Elena will be an incredibly effective justice, thanks to her ability to build consensus across ideological lines and her profound grasp of how the law impacts real people's lives. It's made me proud to know and admire her for decades, and even prouder to nominate her to our Nation's highest court.

Thank you,
President Barack Obama 
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010




President Ronald Reagan


September 30, 1988

Dr. Charles W. Swan
16127 Ancroft Ct
Tampa, FL 33647

Dear Dr. Swan:

During my years in the White House, I have pursued a special dream to renew our national spirit and to make America great again.   Thanks to Americans like you who have supported me, our Party, and our candidates, we have come closer to that dream.

Yet, ours is a lengthy journey. There is always a danger that those with a different vision may steer us off course.   It is our responsibility, yours and mine, to do everything within our power to keep this great nation moving forward as a beacon of freedom and liberty for the world.

That's why we need your support for "Victory '88."

I am proud that our Party has selected Vice President George Bush, my working partner of eight years, to lead us in th< days ahead.
In 1988, it is our duty and privilege to work for his election. He will be a President who will serve us with honor, integrity, experience and vision.

It is also our duty as Americans to keep this country oi course by electing responsible Republican men and women to serve us in the United States Congress, our state legislatures and in local government.
That's why I am joining with George Bush and all the leaders of the Republican Party in urging you to make a commitment today to "Victory "88."
I am proud of the accomplishments we have made over these past years.
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Much of our progress was achieved because during my first six years in office, Republicans held a majority in the United States Senate, gained parity among our state Governors, and had a working majority in the United States House of Representatives.

We won those victories because Republicans like you stepped forward and gave so generously to the umbrella campaign organization that allied the efforts of our state and national GOP organizations.
"Victory '88" is the name of the umbrella program that will wage our victory this year. And today, "Victory "88" urgently needs the help and assistance that you have been known to give to candidates and Party organizations in the past.
Vice President Bush wrote you recently about "Victory "88" and outlined the dangers we face as Americans if we fail to keep the progress of these last eight years moving forward.  I join with him in asking for your help to ensure the election of a Congress that will make our dreams become a reality.

I truly appreciate how gracious you have been through the years in responding to my many requests.
It is because of the special spirit of Americans like you that I know America's best days are still ahead.
We cannot falter now; we cannot be complacent. George Bush and our team of Republicans urgently need your help to ensure we continue on the road of peace and prosperity.

As always, Nancy and I are grateful for all you have done.

We are confident you will build the victory America needs through your support for "Victory "88." God bless you.

Ronald Reagan
January 4, 1994
Dr. Charles W. Swan
16127 Ancroft Court
Tampa, Florida 33647
Dear  Dr.   Swan
Thank you for your support for the North American Free Trade Agreement.  America's continued prosperity depends, now as never before, on our ability to tap growing markets around the world.
Like you, I am pleased that Congress passed NAFTA in a historic demonstration of bipartisan support.  Our country has chosen to compete - - not retreat - - and to reassert our leadership in the global economy.  I hope I can count on your continued support on trade, health care, welfare reform, and other issues important to our nation's future.
Bill Clinton
White House
March 19, 1991

Dear Dr. Swan:

Thank you for your message about the United States efforts in the Persian Gulf region.  This was not a war we wanted, but there are times in the life of our country when we confront principles worth fighting for this was one such time.
The cooperation of the community of nations in stopping Saddam Hussein's ruthless aggression and in liberating Kuwait is unprecedented.  Certainly I am pleased that the ground war ended in one hundred hours and that there were far fewer casualties than had been widely predicted.  Operation
Desert Storm's success belongs to our courageous troops.  We are all tremendously proud of them, and I am delighted that they are coming home to the hero's welcome that they deserve.
As we assume our responsibility as a catalyst for peace and stability in the Middle East region, we will not forget those who gave their lives for this just cause, those who lost loved ones, or those innocent people who have suffered as a result of this conflict. 
 I ask for your prayers for all those thus affected and for continued blessings on our great Nation.
George Bush 

Dr. Charles W. Swan 16127 Ancroft Court Tampa, FL 33647
George H. W. Bush  Alumni Association

October 7, 1988
Dr. Charles W,  Swan
16127 Ancroft Court
Tampa, FL 33647
Dear Dr. Swan:
During my first year as President, you may recall I quoted the 200-year-old words of patriot Tom Paine, who wrote "we have it within our power to begin the world over again.15
Today, as I look back on the accomplishments achieved in just seven and one-half years, I know that it was your unflagging support for me, for our ideas and for our Party that led the way as we, indeed, worked to "begin the world over again."
Nancy and I will always treasure how you stood by us, in times of triumph and tragedy.,
Your support and commitment emboldened us to launch America on a new course,, a course that: has brought families together, strengthened our prosperity, protected our freedom and restored American honor around the globe.

Soon, my time as President will come to an end.  But our great cause must not flag or fail.
We owe it to ourselves, and to our children to  continue the qreat crusade we have begun..  That is why I am asking you to ensure a great victory for our cause by giving your additional support, once again, to the RNC's 1988 Presidential Fund.
I know you have been asked to help the RNC's 1988 Presidential Fund several times in this critical election year.Your contributions have had a proven impact and have helped to turn our campaign around.
But now, as the final critical hours of this election approach, I must ask for your help again to ensure we win a victory for George Bush as well
as for each of our Republicans running for Congress and state office.
This victory or defeat for George Bush and the GOP could hinge on the last-minute decisions of just a few thousand of all the voters in this election.
Our Party urgently needs your support for the last-minute mailings, TV commercials, radio ads and get-out-the-vote drives aimed at reaching this voter group.
The Democrat ticket has tried mightily to keep its liberal views and record under cover.
Yet the majority of Americans clearly disapprove of their record of relentless tax increases, inexperience in foreign policy, and softness in dealing with convicted criminals.
What concerns me is that there are dozens of liberal Democrats in Congress who support this thinking 100&.  It is our task, in the final days of this campaign, to retire these liberal Democrats from the House and Senate.
Specifically, an additional $1.4 million is needed by the RNC's 1988 Presidential Fund to help George Bush and our Republican candidates in scores of targeted districts and states.
I urge you to send the largest possible contribution to the RNC's 1988 Presidential Fund to help us seize our opportunity.
George Bush will be a great President for the United States of America.  But he is depending on you and me for the help that will put him over the top.
I will be working diligently between now and November 8 to ensure that George Bush - a friend, compatriot and great Vice President - will serve as our 41st Chief Executive.
May I ask you to help me in this quest, just as you have helped me so many times before?
With time so short, the need is urgent.  The additional funds must be raised in two weeks' time in order to have the impact we seek.  Your support now is absolutely critical.
You and I have shared many triumphs together over the years.  But this campaign can be our greatest triumph of all. Let us continue the work we started in 1981. I ask you, as a friend, to help again in this critical hour.
God bless you.

Ronald Reagan 
Jeane Kirkpatrick
U.S.  Ambassador  to the United Nations
United Nations
Dr. Charles W. Swan
16127 Ancroft Court
Tampa, Florida 33647
Dear Dr. Swan
On September 29 and 30, Chairman's Advisory Board members will meet in roundtable discussion with candidates and campaign professionals for the U.S. Senate, House, and Governor races.  Among the participants will be Congressional Campaign Chairman Bill Paxon, U.S. Senate candidate Oliver North, Republican Governors Association Director Chris Henick, and the RNC's program directors, the "frontline" of our political management team.
Then the Board will convene to take up the critical issues of health care and foreign policy.  Discussion leaders include former Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger, former National Security Advisor Brent Scowcroft, Congresswoman Nancy Johnson, and former Director of the National Institutes of Health, Dr. Bernadine Healy.
In keeping with tradition, we will adjourn each evening for gala social events.  On September 29, the Board will be welcomed to Washington by Congressional Leadership at a reception with a live broadcast of "Rising Tide" on GOP-TV, our Party's own national television network. The following night, the Chairman's Advisory Board has been asked to host the Republican Tribute to retiring members of Congress.  That should be quite a poignant and special occasion.
Formal Annual Meeting notification and membership materials for you will be forthcoming from National Chairman, Haley Barbour.  Again, I want to extend my congratulations on your nomination to Chairman's Advisory Board status, and my hope that I shall have the pleasure of seeing you in Washington on September 29 and 30.


 Jeane Kirkpatrick
January 31, 1992
Karen Kessenich, Director The President's Club
Dr. Charles W. Swan 16127 Ancroft Court Tampa,Florida 33647
Dear Dr. Swan,
I need your help with an important task we do every year here in The President's Club office at the Republican National Committee.
As you may know, I keep a file card for you and every member of our President's Club with all the information we need to serve you and to keep track of the generous support you give our Party.
That doesn't mean we're behind the times — I have a computer file, too. But you and your fellow members are too important to me to risk losing your record in some computer "glitch." So I maintain our old-fashioned file card records so I can personally review them every year about this time.
As we get ready for this presidential election year and make reservations for our President's Club members at the National Convention in Houston, I want to make absolutely sure your file is in perfect order.  So I hope you'll look over your card, which I've enclosed, and make any corrections necessary.
If you moved this year, or if I have your name or address spelled incorrectly, please write any changes right on the card.  If everything is correct, just write "OK" and sign your initials.  Then send it back to me in the envelope I've enclosed.
Dr. Swan, throughout the past year and a half as President's Club Director, it's been an incredible experience for me to see first-hand the extraordinary loyalty and commitment of our members, and your generous record of support in particular.
You are truly one of our Party's most distinguished members.  Chairman Yeutter and I are honored to have the support of a person of your caliber, and we are very grateful for your most recent membership contribution to The President's Club.
Dwight D. Eisenhower Republican Center • 310 First Street Southeast • Washington, D.C. 20003

The White House, Washington


One of the most important things I’ve done as President is read messages from Americans like you. And whether you sat down to write me a letter back in 2009 or just last week, I wanted to say thank you for writing.

Letters like yours have given me the chance to hear the real stories that make up the ever changing narrative of America. They are stories of your setbacks and successes, your fears and your hopes not just for today—but for the country and the world we’ll leave to our children and our grandchildren. I want you to know that I was listening. I heard your stories. And you made me a better President.

In 2014, a young mom took a chance and shared her family’s story with me. She said she knew that “staying silent about what you see and what needs changing never makes any difference.” She was right. And so, while serving you has been the greatest privilege of my life, I want you to know that when I leave the White House, I’ll still hold the most important title of all: that of citizen.

And as a proud American citizen, I believe that we are a constant work in progress. Our success has never been certain. None of our journey has been preordained. There’s always been a gap between our highest ideals and the reality we witness every day. But what makes us exceptional—what makes us Americans—is that we have fought wars, and passed laws, and reformed systems, and organized unions, and staged protests, and launched mighty movements to close that gap. To bring the promise and the practice of America into closer alignment. To form that more perfect union.

So our collective future depends on our collective willingness to uphold our duties as citizens: to vote, to speak out, and to stand up for others knowing that each of us is only here because somebody, somewhere, stood up for us. And for the rest of my days, I promise I will be right there alongside you, continuing to do my part to build a better, more prosperous, more diverse and inclusive America—an America with a future full of hope.

From all of us in the Obama family—thank you for writing.

All the best,

Barack Obama

George H. W. Bush  Alumni  Association
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