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This site was created to share my pain and grief over the most important person, artist, actress and performer to me, "Aaliyah". Aaliyah died today, August 25th, 2001. It's an unbelieveable story, you would never think a person like her would die so soon, but like all people she is human. I decided to make a dedication to her in remberance of all the great things she has done. So if you have any comments or questions people email me at She's More Than A Woman and I will answer you asap. You can e-mail me about ANYTHING. I will respond!

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Please fill out the "Your farewell" section for Aaliyah. I have WAY more than 100, but please keep them coming because it shows all the love we have for Aaliyah. I'm gonna mail them to BET, MTV, and Blackground Records to show all the fan's support and love for our baby girl.


If you have any pictures on Aaliyah please email them to me and I will put them up on the site and I will give you all of the credit.

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R.I.P Aaliyah Dana Haughton

Aaliyah was killed in a plane crash on Saturday night along with our own Gina Smith, 29, of New Jersey, Aaliyah's product manager at Blackground Records; Blackground Records own Keith Wallace, 49, of Los Angeles; Douglas Kratz, 28, Virgin Records' director of video production; her bodyguard Scott Gallin, 41; Aaliyah's personal hair stylist Eric Forman, 29, of Los Angeles; hair stylist Anthony Dodd, 34, of Los Angeles; and makeup artist Christopher Maldonado, 32, of New York; as well as the plane's pilot, identified only as L. Maradel.

The Cessna 402 was departing from the Marsh Harbour airport bound for Opa-locka, Florida, when it crashed shortly after takeoff at approximately 6:50pm, police say. The plane is said to have crashed approximately 200 feet from the end of the runway killing six people instantly. Three others died later due to their injuries.

Aaliyah had just completed filming of her video for "Rock The Boat", directed by Hype Williams, in which she took time off of her promotional tour to shoot. The cause of the crash isn't known yet, but authorities suspect engine failure because the plane took off in good weather conditions. CNN is reporting that Gloria Knowles, who works for Abaco Air Ltd. at Marsh Harbour airport, said baggage handlers reported the plane was overloaded with suitcases, yet the plane was still allowed to depart at the insistance of the passengers.

Keep Aaliyah, all the others who died, and her family and friends in your prayers every day. Pray for their strength in their darkest hour and for Aaliyah's soul to rest in peace.

The Haughton Family Statement:
Aaliyah's family is devastated at the loss of their loving daughter & sister. Their hearts go out to those families who also lost their loved ones in this tragic accident.

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