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Alexander, Jr., William's father, ( who was of Irish Catholic descent ) was a highly respected history teacher and football coach at Massapequa High School, who died of lung cancer at the age of 55 in 1983. He and wife Carol had married for 29 years. Alexander was recently honored by Massapequa High School, by naming their auditorium after him.


Carol, William's mother, is not only the head of the Baldwin family, but is fastly becoming the more famous of the Baldwin Clan, known respectively as a courageous breast cancer survivor, ( who was diagnosed with the disease in 1990.) She, since then, along with William and his siblings have continued the fight against breast cancer, by helping to raise money for more breast cancer research through her foundation, a sole-purpose co-corporation called The Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund, Inc. ( in which she created in 1996.) A graduate of Syrucuse University, this mother of six, and grandmother of seventeen, still works today helping others with breast cancer. To find out more about The Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund, just click on the BALDWIN FAMILY LINKS icon, where you will find the link to her website.


Beth, William's older sister ( born in 1955 ), is the founder of William's younger brother Stephen's Official Fan Club Website. She has six children, John, Jennifer, Jill, Jean, Jessica, and Jacqueline, with her husband Charles, a landscaper, and is not an actress, though she is often confused with younger brother Daniel's second ex wife, actress Elizabeth Baldwin.


Alec Baldwin, ( born Alexander Rae Baldwin, III on April 3rd, 1958 ) is William's older brother. Best known as the original Jack Ryan in 1990's " The Hunt For The Red October " with actor Sean Connery, and as attorney Bobby DeLaughter in 1996's " The Ghosts Of Missisippi " with actress Whoopi Goldberg and actor James Woods. In fact, it was Alec, nicknamed " Zander " among family, who first inspired the rest of brothers to become actors. Originally, wanting to become a lawyer, after studying political science at George Washington University, in Washington, D.C., his mind and life changed for the better after landing the role of Joshua Rush on Knots Landing. According, to younger brother Stephen, after seeing Alec make so much money, they ( Will, Stephen & Daniel ) couldn't help but to give acting a try themselves. Aside from being an awesome actor, he also married ( on August 19th, 1993 ) his former costar, ( from 1991's " The Marrying Man " and 1993's " The Getaway " ) the beautiful and talented actress Kim Basinger, who he has a daughter with, named Ireland Eliesse, ( born on October 23rd, 1995 ) also nicknamed Addie. Alec can also be seen in these other great movies.

Alec's Filmography

Glengarry Glen Ross ( 1992 ) ... Blake

Malice ( 1993 ) ... Dr. Jed Hill

The Juror (1996 ) ... Teacher


Kim Basinger, William's sister-in-law ( wife of older brother Alec ), is now universally known for her award winning role as the mysterious beauty Lynn Bracken, ( pictured above ) in 1997's " L.A. CONFIDENTIAL " with actors Russell Crowe, Kevin Spacey, and Danny DeVito. She met Alec on the set of their 1991 movie, " The Marrying Man " and later married him on August 19th, 1993. They now have a daughter, Ireland Eliesse ( born on October 23rd, 1995 ), nicknamed Addie. You can see Kim in these other great movies.

Kim's Filmography

Cool World ( 1992 ) ... Holli Would

Wayne's World 2 ( 1993 ) ... Honey Horne

Batman ( 1989 ) ... Vicki Vale


Daniel Baldwin, William's older brother, ( born on October 5th, 1960 ) also known as " Danny " among family members, is probably best known for his role, as homicide detective, Beauregard " Beau" Felton on NBC's HOMICIDE: LIFE ON THE STREET. And that's also how he met his current love, fellow HOMICIDE co-star Isabella Hoffmann, who he also has a son with, named Atticus, ( born July 13th, 1996 ) after his favorite character, Atticus Finch, in the 1962 movie," To Kill A Mockingbird ". Daniel, also has 2 daughters, Kahlea and Alexandra. Kahlea, born in 1985, is his daughter by first wife, high school sweetheart Cheryl Baldwin, and Alexandra, born in 1994, is his daughter by second wife, actress Elizabeth Baldwin, who he met in 1988, and married on April 11th, 1990. Daniel, who has a degree in psychology, and orginally was a sports handicapper, is also a spectacular movie actor, ( who is sometimes credited as " Daniel Leroy Baldwin " ) can also be seen in following great movies.

Daniel's Filmography

Homicide: The Movie ( 2000 ) ( tv movie ) ... ( the Dead ) Det. Beau Felton

Mulholland Falls ( 1996 ) ... McCafferty

Born On The Fourth Of July ... Vet


Very little is known about Cheryl, except that she was Daniel's high school sweetheart and first wife. She has one daughter by Daniel, Kahlea, born in 1985, and currently lives on Long Island.


Elizabeth, is Daniel's second wife, who he married on April 11th, 1990 and divorced in 1996, is also an actress. Not a lot is known about her either, except she is often confused with Daniel's older sister Beth, by name, of course. She too, has one daughter by Daniel, Alexandra, born in 1994.


Isabella, known to dedicated Homicide: Life On The Street fans, as the tough shift commander Megan Russert. She has a son, Atticus, ( born on July 13th, 1996 ) with William's older brother, Daniel. Here are some of the films, this talented actress has been in.

Isabella's Filmography

Renaissance Man ( 1994 ) ... Marie

She Fought Alone ( 1995 ) ( tv movie ) ... Avon Rose

Homicide: The Movie ( 2000 ) ( tv movie ) ... Megan Russert


As if you didn't already know, Chynna is William's wife. Like William, Chynna ( born on February 12th, 1968 ) also comes from a very famous family. She is the daughter of famed The Mamas & The Papas founders, John Phillips and Michelle Gilliam Phillips, and the half sister of actresses Mackenzie and Bijou Phillips. As well as being a great singer and former member of the band, Wilson Phillips, ( formed with Wendy and Carnie Wilson, daughters of famous Beach Boy, Brian Wilson ) she is also a very talented actress. Here's are some of the movies you can see her in.

Chynna's Filmography

Caddyshack II ( 1988 ) ... Mia Young

Say Anything ( 1989 ) ... Mimi

Bye Bye Birdie ( 1995 ) ( tv movie ) ... Kim MacAfee


Jane, ( born in 1965 ), William's younger sister is a physical therapist, and like older sister Beth, is also not an actress. She does have a child with her husband, Randy Sasso, a car dealership manager.


Stephen, ( born on May 12th, 1966 ), is William's younger brother. Stephen, an incredibly charming and very talented actor as well, is the cute, Generation X, Baldwin brother, known best for his role as comedian Pauly Shore's best friend Doyle Johnson in the comedy, " BIODOME ", ( one of my favorite Stephen Baldwin movies ). Stephen has been married for 9 years to Brazilian graphic designer, Kennya Deodato, who he met in 1987 and has two daughters with, daughter Alaia ( born February 1993 ), who he named his restaurant ( co-owned by William ) after, and daughter Hailey Rhode ( born November 22nd, 1996 ). Here's some other great Stephen movies.

Stephen's Filmography

The Usual Suspects ( 1995 ) ... Michael McManus

8 Seconds ( 1994 ) ... Tuff Hedeman

Threesome ( 1994 ) ... Stuart

Posse ( 1993 ) ... Jimmy J. " Little J. " Teeters

Bitter Harvest ( 1993 ) ... Travis


Joseph, is William's cousin, who is also an actor. I don't know much about him except for the following. If anyone has more info on him, please let me know.

Joseph's Filmography

Guiding Light ( 1997 )( Soap Opera/tv series ) ... Paramedic

It Had To Be You ( 1998 ) ... Detective # 2

Code Name: Eternity ( 1999 ) ( tv series ) ... Byder