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How well do you know Wes?

Directions: Take this test...don't cheat!! Write down your answers, and then click on the link below to go to the answer page. Then see how well you know Wes!

1. What is Wes's full name? a. Wesser James Borland b. Wesley James Borland c. Wesley Scott Borland d. Wesser Paul Borland

2. What is Wes's birthdate? a. February 2, 1975 b. February 3, 1975 c. February 5, 1975 d. February 7, 1975

3. What is Wes's wife's maiden name? a. McBride b. McMillan c. McCord d. McLean

4. What is Wes's favorite color? a. red b. yellow c. orange d. black

5. What did Wes and Heather do for their honeymoon? a. they went to Hawaii b. they went on a cross country tour of different movie theaters c. they went on a cross country tour of different amusement parks d. they didn't go on a honeymoon

6. What is Wes's brother's name? a. Scott b. Dave c. Jake d. Travis

7. What disorder does Wes have? a. HIPV b. JADO c. ARSS d. ADHD

8. What high school did Wes go to? a. Hillsboro b. Dayton c. Delanoe d. Roosevelt

9. What is one of Wes's major talents? a. Hockey b. Cooking c. Art d. Acting

10. What are two of Wes's nicknames? a. Fart King, Wessy Poopy Head b. Little Cracker Spawn, Docta Spoc c. Poppy, Wessington d. Tongue of Colicab, Lucy

TO the answers...

See how ya did!