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The Freak Thing...

Okay, I put this page up, because I have recieved some mail, and some people have written in the slambook about how they think that I am either disrespecting Wes or that I really am not a fan or whatever just because the title of this site is Our Favorite Freak~~~Wes Borland.

So, I would like to take the time in this page to discuss why I named it that.

1. The name was the first thing that I thought of for the title.

2. I thought it was a cute name.

As I am sure most if not all of you have noticed, Wes is different than most people. Which is cool. But, in the superficial and shallow world that we live in, anyone who is remotely different than someone, is considered a freak. So, I am not necassarily calling Wes a freak, I am simply calling him unique, but Our Favorite Freak~~~Wes Borland had a better ring to it than Our Favorite Unique Person~~~Wes Borland. I hope this has clarified the title of my site.

But, if you still want to yell at me, go ahead, just click here.