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I have been informed by one of my visitors that they would like to see an equipment page, so I have added this for her, and the rest of you too.


Wes's pedals are boss EQ pedal, Rocktron HUSH unit, sure UHF wireless, DOD FX-25B envelope filter and a buzz box and digital/reverb pedals, digitech XP300 space station, fulltone Deja-Vibe, MXR phaser 90, boss super phaser, and noise supresor.


Wes uses Ibanez guitars which he has an endorsment contract with. He has two 7-string guitars; he has 2 RG7621 models, and a costum made ibanez AX7521, he also has a custom made 4-string which you hear on nookie(ibanez have said that they might make a 4-string model after wes's ideas).

Thanks to for letting me know that Wes is getting an endorsement from PRS guitars because he doesn't think that he is good enough for the seven string.


Wes's tuneing is different than alot of people's, he has two ways of tuneing his 7-strings, one way is C# F# B E G# C# C# (yes, two of the same string) and B F# B E G# C# C#....on his four string guitar his tuneing is F# F# B E


Wes uses 2 Mesa Boogie duel rectifiers and two triple rectifiers, and a Mesa Boogie FX12 cabinets. He also uses Roland JC-120 combination amps for clean sounds.

To see Wes's complete setup click here to go to and click on Wes Borland.

Thank you to Beth Siveyer for letting me know that Wes gets his equipment from Carbora which has changed its name to Academy of Sound.