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Wally World

Topps Pristine Press Plate black 1/1 The new pride & Joy!

Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. This page is about Wally Joyner, THE GREATEST baseball player ever. It was last updated August 21, 2006. I first started following Wally's career in 1986 when i was only 8 years of age. I grew up in "Wally World", which has made me a Wally fan for life. Good Ol'SO.Cal. I started collecting his cards the same year and hope to one day get them all, but i have found that to be hard. I currently have Over 13,900 Joyner cards and about 760 different ones. If you like Joyner and want to trade Joyners please email me. I will trade Joyner for Joyner even if it only benefits you in getting more Joyners. Wally recently has admitted to taking steroids for about 2 weeks during his 1998 World Series season. He stated that Cam hooked him up with pills. Wally has said he took them and felt regretfull shortly after so he discarded the remainder of the pills. I do believe that this has tarnished him a bit. Wally has always been a ballplayer to look up to as far as ball careers are concerned. It does bother me a bit, but i guess since it was for a short while, it did not reflect in his numbers. If he were breaking power records i would be more concerned. Wally has been retired for some time, and did not have to come out and say what he did. This only attributes to the type of player/person he is. He has openly admitted his mistake, despite the reprecussions. He could have gone along his marry way and not dealt with any of the drama. Thank you for being a MAN Wally, eventhough it took a bit to step up to the plate. You can check out these pages for now but still keep in mind, it's all under construction, so wear your hard hat. If you have any news about Joyner please email me. Thanx and enjoy!!