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JStandard Plug-In

By Vinod Kiran <>

Release Notes

Details of JStandard 

The checks currently performed by JStandard are

Check for Naming Conventions:

1.      Class Names
2.      Interface Names
3.      Method Names
4.      Attribute Names
5.      Local Variable Names
6.      Final Variable Names
7.      Method Parameter Names
8.      Label Names

Program flow :

9.      Every Switch must have a default case
10.     Catch blocks must not be empty
11.     Finally blocks must not be empty
12.     If / While / For statements must have a block
13.     If / While / For statements having no body!  [ e.g.: for (int i=0;i<6;i++); ]

Coding Conventions :

14.     No package statement
15.     duplicate import's)
16.     importing java.lang
17.     importing the current package!
18.     declaring interfaces Abstract
19.     declaring interface methods Abstract
20.     Constructors having default access

Code Clarity :

21.     Multiple Variable declarations in one line
22.     Multiple Attribute declarations in one line    
23.     Usage of ?: operator
24.     check for import using .*      
25.     multiple public classes per source file.

All these can be turned on/off through options.

Other Info :

You can find all my plugins at

Sometime in the near future, I will write a standalone version of this plugin, that would run as an application.

Please send comments, suggestions, or criticisms to: Vinod Kiran ( )