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Proposed Outline for JSPBook
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[ Note: This is a very rough draft of the outline ]

If you have any comments/Suggestions, Please send a mail to

( last updated on Aug 1st, added names of members )

Part 1 :

Chapter 1:             JSP in Perspective ( with broader look at ServerSide Java )
Chapter 2:            Servlets Revisited
Chapter 3:             Servlets  Revisited (contd…)
Chapter 4:            First Look at JSP
Chapter 5:            JSP Scriplets                             Vinod Kiran
Chapter 6:            JSP Expressions                        Vinod Kiran
Chapter 7:            JSP Declarations                        Vinod Kiran
Chapter 8:             Using JavaBeans in JSP
Chapter 9:             Internationalizing JSP

Part 2 : A look behind the scenes

Chapter:         How JSP Works ?
Chapter:            JSP Model 1 Architecture        Vinod Kiran
Chapter:            JSP Model 2 Architecture        Vinod Kiran
Chapter:            Custom Tags                            Prasad Tirumal Rao

Part 3 :  Using JSP  with Other Technologies

Chapter:            JSP & XML
Chapter:            JSP & JDBC                            Wellington Silva
Chapter:            JSP & EJB
Chapter:            JSP & SSL
Chapter:            Design Patterns in JSP


Indepth JSP-ASP Comparision
Installation & Configuration of

            JRun                                                                        Wellington Silva
WebSphere/WebLogic on NT                                    Ayesha Ahmed
( other popular JSP/Servlet Engines to be added here )