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Here you will find over 450 classic photos and various stats, trivia and other interesting information about Chris Osgood. Be sure to click the links above to view all the good stuff on my site.

I don't have much time to update this site anymore, so if you see something that needs updating, or if you have anything that should be added, feel free to e-mail me. You can also send me pictures of Ozzie that I don't have posted yet, since I no longer have time to find them myself.

I have a lot of Ozzie hockey cards from 1990-2002, so if you'd like to buy some, click on the NAXCOM link to your left. It will take you directly to my storefront.

You can e-mail me if you'd like by using the button to your left. I am not Chris Osgood, and I don't know him personally, so don't e-mail me your letters to Ozzie, use the "Write Ozzie" button to you left for his contact information. Thanks.

My last update was 7/04/08

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To get inside Chris Osgood's Locker Room since Established August 1st 2000

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Disclaimer: I am not Chris Osgood, neither am I affiliated with him or any of the Detroit Red Wings, New York Islanders or St. Louis Blues. Most of the photos on this site I have collected in various places on the internet in the past three years, although the copyrighted Training Camp Photos are mine.Please do not take them without my permission, and do not take credit for them (it's against the law). I do not take credit for any other photos on this site. If you have any photos to donate, please e-mail me! Keep in mind that the address provided to contact Ozzie is for fan mail and is not his home address. Thanks for stopping by! Thank you to those who have donated photos!

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