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Hello and welcome to my humble tribute to the phenomenal Alyson Hannigan. There are many great and fancy sites devoted to this wonderful actress. This may not be exactly one of those, but it comes from my heart.

Why not? Just look at the picture above. Okay, so that is a cop-out answer. Let me put it this way. In addition to her ravishing beauty, she has proven herself to be an excellent actress. Whether it is on television (as Willow Rosenberg on The WB's "Buffy The Vampire Slayer") or the big screen (as the scene-stealing Michelle in "American Pie"), Miss Hannigan never fails to deliver. She has been wonderful in all her projects--the good and the not-so-good.

And, yes, she is the most beautiful woman to walk the face of the Earth! :-)

Before we get into the site, please read the following. I have several people to thank. Many are responsible in some way for the existence of this site:

•••Sam S.--You are probably the most responsible for this project (live with THAT!). You suggested we go see "American Pie" on your birthday. After laughing myself silly, I came away from the movie totally smitten with Alyson. You more than anyone have had to hear me go on and on and on about her (probably against your will). Thank you for taping her Touched By An Angel appearance from PAX for me. You even bought that CosmoGIRL magazine with her on the cover for me so I wouldn't have to! We may not be co-workers anymore, but our friendship is still strong. Thanks for accidentally introducing me to Alyson Hannigan. You mean so much to me. I love ya, Sam! :-)

•••Chris R., Brandy H., Lorelei L., Sarah Y., Valerie R., Dee N., and Amber C.--My co-workers who have had to put up with my preaching of the gospel of Alyson. Thank you all for not ganging up on me, killing me, and putting ME out of YOUR misery! You're all great friends. Thanks for everything!

And now I must thank some special people. As of this writing, I have not met any of them in person. They are my online friends. We all met in a Beatles newsgroup. We e-mail each other every day now. My Beatle Buddies:

•••Jeff--My musical spiritual brother. You are the one who suggested I build this site after you began creating your Jeffworld site. Chatting with you is like talking to an old friend. Thanks for the encouragement!

•••Lisa--Our HTML Guru and Queen! You joined Jeff in encouraging this project. Your help with HTML and page-building advice has been SO valuable! You don't know how much. Oh yeah, be expecting to be bombarded with questions as this goes on! ;-P

•••Leslie--You're always there for sisterly advice and encouragement. Even after a long day on your postal route, you still have time for friendly chat and discussion with us. Thank you for our one-on-one advice sessions!

•••Eddie--Our New Yawker buddy! You're always there with your wry wit and a good joke or two. Not to mention opening our minds with those interesting science and nature finds you send us. Oh, yeah. Thanks for that special gif you made for me.

•••Dan--Our Reserves buddy, Moody Blues fanatic, and future star of stage and screen. You're quite the jokemeister yourself with the jokes of the day. Keep reaching for those dreams of yours. You can do it!

•••Mike--The Chairman Of The Board. Always good for a word of encouragement and a word of advice now and then. And you still find all those great music sites and such on the web. Thanks for everything.

•••Theo--The quiet one deep in the heart of Texas. You don't say a whole lot, but when you do, we all listen. You have found a lot of cool things yourself. And I can talk pro wrestling with you, too!


So now, with out further ado, please enter The Temple Of Alyson Hannigan by clicking on one of the areas below. (NOTE: Not all areas are yet active.)

Last updated June 20, 2000

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