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I cannot but conclude that the Paleo eBook will make anyone a better cook.  For example, when checking out more than 100 tasty recipes from Ben Newman I was struck by how earnest and optimistic the guidance was for both new and occasional male cooks.  First, you have to laugh at the Caveman Paleo Recipes logo with a Fred Flintstone looking “caveman” wearing a chief‘s hat standing next to his wife who is also dressed in caveman clothing.  In other words, the recipe book is intended to be lighthearted, practical and reassured that these recipes really are easy to make and great tasting.

While there are more than 100 Paleo recipes to choose from, there are some that I enjoy for a host of reasons.  The best advices for newbies surfing the eBooks recipes or the video recipe presentations is to focus on the ingredients you like first, and they try the recipe out to see if it suits you.  For instance, a friend tried one of my favorite Paleo recipes that I found when reviewing the eBook, and he wants more of the good thing.  He is now a member of the Caveman Paleo Recipes team of men who like to create great tasting nosh without having to consult with one’s wife or partner.

Paleo Drink Recipes Are Outstanding

I enjoy cooking a good meal, but having a beverages to go with my paleo shopping list is a must.  Also, another must for cooking is paring a dish with a beer, ale, wine or mixed drink that can be mixed with our without alcohol.  For instance, the website features a download that takes you to the world of Paleo Drinks by Ben Newman. The cool think about both Paleo food and drink recipes is Ben Newman and others who contribute recipe ingredients and tips only use natural and fresh ingredients.  While one can put together a nice meal out of the can, so to speak, I prefer the Paleo recipe method of only using fresh meats, veggies and fruits when available.  I just created a new non-alcoholic drink, for example, and used fresh watermelon, sliced lemons and some freshly squeezed fruits.  I garnished the drink with more fresh fruit, and a splash of club soda for a truly refreshing springtime refreshment.

I recently took a crack at the curried chicken in sweet potato recipe on the site that is trending now with my fellow “cavemen.”  I’ve learned a lot from studying the site’s recipes.  For instance, this curried chicken recipe reminded me how versatile potatoes are in any good recipe.  For this dish, the potatoes are made to be both moist and stuffed with only a few ingredients required to make it really good.  I’m now making the curried chicken in sweet potato head of time and freezing it so I can easily present my partner with a great side dish or a super enjoyable main dish.

At the same time, what is great about the Paleo recipes is the focus on “quick and easy.”  For instance, I prefer food recipes that are not too complicated.  The avocado and lime dip featured on the website’s video instruction page is one good example of quick and easy.  The dip is so good, and once you’ve made it there is a whole list of great veggies that you can use for dip in and enjoy.  I prefer using freshly cut carrot sticks, or thinly sliced red, yellow and green peppers for enjoying this avocado and lime dip that says West Coast and even southwestern food delight to me.

Paleo Dessert Recipes Are Fun To Make

Imagine a nice plat of freshly made banana cookies?  While you don’t have to be a banana fan to enjoy this easy to make Paleo video recipe that is all natural and fun for kids as well.  In fact, I would recommend that any “caveman” who enjoys great food and the Paleo recipes, include their kids when enjoying this user friendly cooking process.

Moreover, the great thing about Paleo food and drink recipes is it seems to cover all the great comfort foods that my parents and other family members made when I was a kid.  Thanks to this website for men who like great foods, I do not have to worry about ingredients that I am not familiar with because the 100 plus recipes that are offered cover all types of foods that I enjoy. Overall, there is no better place online for a “due” or even a caveman to research great tasting food and drink recipes than Caveman Paleo Recipes.

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