Hi! I'm SilentClown and I will be showing you this really cool site about GundamWing, though the majority of it will be about Trowa because he's really cool!
What about me? Aren't I a million times better than stupid, quiet Trowa?
Hey! Watch your mouth Duo! Trowa is the best guy! Don't diss him or I'll have to send my own gundam on you.
Is that a threat?! Come on! Let's take this outside!!
Stop fighting you guys. ::Puts up her hands:: Fighting is wrong, let's be peaceful and go meditate or something...
::Falls Over:: Silentclown, are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Yeah. ::Advances towards Relena::
What?! What are ya'll doing?! I...uh...I think Pagan is calling me ::Runs off::
Ok, now that we got rid of her. Please enjoy the site and send any comments to ME!

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