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~*~Family Feud's 25 Year Anniversary~*~

Family Feud's 25 Year Anniversary

We Owe It All To You, Richard!

It's been twenty-five years!

Family Feud was first aired on the 12th of July, 1976. The host who made the show the best it could be? Our very own Richard Dawson! The cast and crew of the show have worked hard through the years to bring the show to success, but without the perfection of such a host as Richard, it would have been just another game show. A host who actually cared about each and every contestant and made an effort to make them feel at home. Someone who wasn't afraid to be a little goofy when the time was right. There's been no other like him, and he was indeed THE Feud host. Though we no longer have the privilege to see Richard hosting the current episodes, we still get to see him on reruns every day. And many generations are able to enjoy what was the original Family Feud. Here's to everyone who's ever worked and/or appeared on Family Feud, to it's incredible host and to many more years of genuine fun and laughter! May our televisions always air Family Feud!!

Family Feud 25! Cheers To 25 Great Years! Way To Go!

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