~*~Mr. Feud~*~

Mr. Feud You're a mean one, Mr. Feud.
You really are a heel.
You refused to even smile,
And you never liked the wheel.
Mr. Feud.

You left Match Game in a huff and you mocked
Let's Make A Deal.


You're a show-off, Mr. Feud.
You really are a jerk.
You embarass the producer,
And you criticize his work.
Mr. Feud.

You're a rotten game show host
With a bad attitude.


You're so picky , Mr. Feud.
You hate the nickname "Dick."
You send all the contestants,
To their places with a kick.
Mr. Feud.

You insulted every fellow
And kissed every chick.


You're a scoundrel, Mr. Feud.
You would riot if you could.
You'd order all the viewers,
To send hate mail to Gene Wood.
Mr. Feud.

You abuse the announcer
Much more than you should.


You're a joker, Mr. Feud.
You really are a sap!
You wanna make the buzzer,
Give a strong electric zap.
Mr. Feud.

During the fast round, you torture the families
With a long silent gap.


You're a sourpuss, Mr. Feud.
You always blow your top.
When a family cheers, "Good answer!",
You're the first to yell out, "Stop!"
Mr. Feud.

Top three answers on the board,
Are as follow, Survey Said: "Sticky," "Lolli," "Pop!"

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