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Richard Burton Reviews
Let's Go Home

These are my reviews for the Richard stuff I've seen.
Waterfront: Richard spends most of his time looking depressed because he canít find a job on a boat. He wants to marry a girl whoís father is a troubled drunk. He isnít in it very much, but he has a fairly good part.

Green Grow The Rushes: Another rather small part. Looks good in a long black coat though! Gets involved with a girl who witnesses a bit of smuggling by way of boat.

My Cousin Rachel: Havenít seen in it years, but I know I liked it since I watched it more than once. Worth the watch.

The Robe: A movie I would recommend to everyone. Wonderful story about the crucifixion of Jesus and Richard has to deal with the after effects with help from a follower.

Alexander The Great: Richard is Alexander of Macedonia. Looks quite different with blonde hair. Love the sword fighting!

Bitter Victory: Good war movie. Richard looks very attractive in a uniform, all scruffy out in the dessert.

Look Back In Anger: Very strong performance. Somewhat slow plot, but a role like I havenít come across before. Richard is a trumpet player and a guy who seems happy one minute, but turns on his wife the next in a fit of rage.

The Longest Day: Small part at the end. Decent war movie, but not enough Richard.

Cleopatra: A true classic. Must see for all Richard and Liz fans. Seeing them acting together, you wonder where they drew the line of acting and reality.

The V.I.P.s: Too many characters for me, but worth watching. Liz decides to run away with another man while sheís at the airport prior to going on vacation with Richard, her husband. Separate stories dealing with different people in the airport.

Becket: Wonderful performances by Richard and Peter OíToole. See Peter help Richard become more powerful and then decide heís in the way and must get him to back down. Richard sticks to his job and principles which causes conflict between the two friends.

Zulu: Good war movie. Richard only narrates the start and end of the movie, but it had an action-packed plot.

The Night Of The Iguana: One of my favourites simply because Richard looked great. He was a priest but had a bit of a breakdown when he got fed up with the people, so he became a tour guide who pretty much hijacks the bus of tourists and keeps them stranded at a small resort.

The Sandpiper: Not too much of a story, but it had some beautiful beach scenes. Liz has a son who needs more of a normal life, and Richard works at a school that takes the boy in. Heís married, but becomes attracted to Liz.

The Spy Who Came In From The Cold: One I had a little trouble following. A spy movie with a slightly slow plot.

Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?: My favourite! Richard and Liz play a middle-aged couple who like to drink a lot and play mind games. They entertain another couple and get into all sort of little arguments.

The Comedians: Of course, I thought this would be funny, but it isnít at all. Kinda hard to follow. Itís about political conflicts in Haiti, for the most part.

Where Eagles Dare: Great spy flick! Richard and Clint Eastwood have to fight the Nazis and do some fancy footwork and undercover work in order to complete their mission in one piece.

Staircase: Fun movie. Not much for a plot, but itís interesting to see Richard and Rex Harrison as gay lovers who own a barber shop. Richard has no hair so he has his head covered for most of the movie.

Candy: Crazy film, but a must see! About a girl who has many different adventures and everyone she comes across seems to have a sexual interest in her. Richard is at the beginning and a small part at the end. He plays a drunken poet and does a bit of overacting. Seeing him lick the booze off the glass-bottom limousine is a riot and when he insists that he can take off his own trousers, and eventually falls, you canít help but laugh. A wild machine is constantly blowing his hair and clothes while heís onscreen.

Bluebeard: Odd movie, but Iíd recommend it. He plays a man with a blue beard who lives in a large house. Heís had many wives, all of whom he finds fault with and eventually kills them. His latest wife finds out and she questions him about it. Hilarious music plays throughout the movie.

Divorce His, Divorce Hers: Richard and Elizabeth play a couple who get to tell their story, their own way. Comparison type thing.

Equus: Weird, yet interesting movie about a psychiatrist assigned to find out why a young man, who loves horses, blinded several of them.

Exorcist II: The Heretic: Spooky movie where Richard plays a priest caught up with the girl who has a few unnatural problems.

Lovespell: I vaguely remember this one. I guess I wouldnít recommend it. Kate Mulgrew is in it as well.

Obsession aka Circle Of Two: Richard is an artist who hit a slump and gets involved with a very young girl. She shows him her poetry and she gets him to try and paint again. Her parents forbid her to see him. His old woman friend comes to visit and things get complicated. He leaves to try and succeed with his paintings and the young girl leaves home to find him.

1984: Weird movie. A guy lives in a time and place where everything and everyone is monitored. He falls in love, but itís forbidden and they must avoid being caught. Richard plays a rather scary part.

The Making Of Cleopatra: Nice footage and photos from the movie. Documentary about how it was made and what went on.

The Comedians In Africa: Nice little documentary on the making of the movie. Some candid footage of Richard on the set and playing around.

On Location: Where Eagles Dare: Small documentary on the making of the movie.

David Frost Interview: Richard and Liz joking in a serious manner on clips from the actual interview. This was a Ďbest interviewsí special. Liz showed off her rings and told a story about how she got one of them by beating Richard at ping-pong. He says heíll buy one for any girl who can beat him. They have such a unique way with each other, itís a real treat to get to see it.

Here's Lucy - Lucy Meets The Burtons: Very funny comedy antics with Lucy, Richard and Liz. Richard disguises himself as a plumber to escape a crowd and Lucy ends up getting Liz's ring stuck on her finger.

Raid On Rommel: Good war movie. Plenty of action, and you can't beat a blonde, messy-haired Richard speaking German!

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