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Richard Burton Dreams
Let's Go Home

'Ello! I decided to make a page to put some of my Richard dreams. For a better understanding of my dream system and the reoccuring people and places in them, click here. Enjoy!
(08 December 2001)

I was at a big playground with Richard and he had some little kids with him. He was sitting on the a step reading a book or some papers and I asked him about our relationship. He didn't say much, but he exoected me to take care of his kids, and I had no say in it, so I was upset about that. His little girl sat next to me and I tickled her. She fell back and hit her head on a wooden beam on the ground and I told her to be OK and to get up or Richard would be really mad. She sat up but fell and hit her head again and ws kinda out of it. Richard found out and was mad, and I got mad because I never asked for all this responsibility. I got up and walked to the street and got in his big car. I stepped on the gas and squeeled away, hoping he'd realize how mad I was. I couldn't stop the car adn it went straight for the ocean. I managed to turn the wheel just in time and drive onto a golf course. I thought if I crashed the car, he'd know I was upset about the situation, but if I steered it into the water, I'd jump out before I went in and he'd be mad since I wrecked the car. So I tried to crash into a tree and eventually I hit a sign and I fell out of the car and faked being hurt. Some guys gathered around and I got up so I didn't have to go to the hospital. Then I was back at the playground and I pretended to be avoiding Richard, but i knew he saw me. I was washing my hands in a fountain and he came up behind me. I ran to some kitchen counters that were there so he could trap me there, and he started yelling about the car. I pleaded for his forgiveness. Then I woke up.

(16 October 2001)

I was hanging out in a somewhat familiar mall. I was thinking about leaving, but I saw it was raining out, so I took my time. I happened to run into Richard (late 1960's) and he was being followed by some young girls, so I went and followed along to. He was recited things and the girls were hanging on every word, and I thought he was a bit stuck up. He noticed me and I got fed up and left, mumbling about how I didn't need to deal with that. He watched me leave, expecting me to come back, and I knew he thought I would. I wanted to, but I stood my ground and kept walking away. I stood by one of the entrances of the mall, with glass doors and I watched as the rain hit the glass doors and canopies. Out of the corner of my eye, at the last second, I saw him walking up behind me, and he put an arm around my waste for a moment and whispered something about the rain. He also said something about how I was strong-minded or how I acted, but it was a compliment, not an insult. I turned and he had sat down on a bench or the window sill thing. I stood for a few seconds and then sat down too. He started talking about all sorts of things which sounded like something from a play, but I didn't know what it all meant. I was watching his eyes and the way he spoke and was totally lost. I thought about how I could watch him talking forever and it was such a thrill to experience that moment, even though I had no idea what he was talking about. Then he asked if I wanted to go get something to eat. I knew that he didn't have much money, and we ended up going to the McDonald's that was inside the mall. It was a bit crowded, but nobody noticed us. We found a table and slid into the bench seats, across from each other, and he brushed the crumbs off the table before I sat. I thought how women have a problem sitting in these seats because their chest gets squished by the table since the bench was so close to it. I brushed some more crumbs and had to suck in my chest a bit so I could brush the crumbs onto the floor. Richard noticed and brushed more off so I wouldn't have to do it. Someone had left a bunch of food in bags, and trash at the end of the table, by the wall. A waiter came over and I think we ordered a soda or water, and Richard waved him off after seeing the food prices. Since I'm not much for McDonald's and I don't eat meat, I didn't really care. Richard reached over and took one of the bags of trash and took out a soda that was apparently untouched by it's previous owner. I looked at him like he was nuts while I actually thought it over. I mean, it looked like it hadn't been touched, but who knows what the person coulda done to it. Richard put a straw in it and sat it in front of me and I said I didn't think I wanted that. He gave me a look of encouragement, and I thought about how he didn't have much money. Then I woke up.

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