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The Raw Truth about Men/Women …Relationships

Find out what thousands of men and women are saying about, “Who’s the Real Gigolo?” In the new Millennium, women proclaim, "We are only doing to men, what men themselves have taught us to do." Men say, "Women are just trifling anyway, ‘cause they were taught to be that way by their mothers!"

The intriguing new book, “Who’s the Real Gigolo?”, challenges the mind-sets of people through short stories that deal with today’s issues. In the book, men babble about the manipulation, defraud, and other mischievous tactics they use to achieve personal goals. The book deals masterfully with issues such as the role of femininity, as well as modern day gender role reversal. Other topics, such as interracial dating are skillfully fleshed out in this wonderful book! Get your copy now to see just how many interesting topics are addressed in this book.

The author, Towonda Kilpatrick, is exceptionally bold. Kilpatrick’s motto is, “Don’t judge what you don’t know.” She exposes the emotional side of men and women, who often shy away from personal confrontation. The characters in the book could be pieces of you! That’s the reality of the raw truth; Every character will make you look deep within your present or future self. The story lines are well-written, the short stories are superb. So ask yourself, “Who’s the Real Gigolo, You?"  

Some of the hot chapters included:
  • Living by Flesh Rules
  • Born/Raised for NBA/NFL Player
  • Mothers Pimping Their Daughters
  • Is Color for Love or Money
  • Men with No Balls or Vision
  • White Woman to White Woman about a Black Woman
  • Married to Her Vows


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