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17/102, Shivpuri,

Near Brahmapuri,

Ajmer (Raj.)-305001.

Tel. No. 0145-626921.




To work full time in the industry where I am able to utilize my skills, contribute and enhance my knowledge and experience in a meaningful capacity.

Work Experience: Total: One year


1997-1999 WISDOM, Banasthali Vidhyapith, Raj (75%)

M.B.A. Specialized Field : Information Technology

Related Field : Marketing Management

1994-1997 M.D.S. Univ. Ajmer, Raj. (77%)

B.Sc. (Physics, Mathematics, Computer-Applications)

1994 Rajasthan Board, Ajmer.(74%)

Senior Secondary (Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry)

1992 Rajasthan Board, Ajmer (81%)


Computer Knowledge:

Languages Known :ASP, DHTML, HTML, SQL, Jscript, Vbscript,C,C++,Pascal,Fortran,Basic

(Persuing Java)

Operating System : UNIX, IRIX(SGI SYSTEMS),Windows 95, WINDOWS NT, DOS(6.2).

Software Package : Authoring tools-Front Page, Cosmo Create,

Image Editor-AdobePhotoshop,Netscape, MS Explorer

Gif Animator : Animagic

Text Animator:Xara3d,ozzino texter

DTP Packages: PageMaker, Corel Draw.

Individual Softwares:Visual Basic (5.0),MS Access,

AutoCAD,Lotus notes,MSOffice,Staroffice,WordPerfect,WordStar, Lotus 1-2-3.

DBMS/RDBMS : DbaseIII plus, Oracle (Ver 7.0), Developer 2000.

Corporate Exposure & Projects:

1.Final Project Work related to specialized field (IT)-

“Intranet for Industries Department”

Designing home page, static pages, dynamic pages and active server pages for Industries Department Intranet.Tools used – Front Page as authoring tool, Adobe PhotoShop as Image Editor, Microsoft Access for creating database, Microsoft Explorer (5.0).

Duration: 3rd May ’99 – 3rd August ’99.

Department: Directorate of Information Technology (DoIT), Govt. of Rajasthan, Yojna Bhawan, Jaipur.

2.General Corporate Exposure & Training-

(i) "Functioning of various departments & their interdependence”

Visited all departments of Century Rayon including Century Chemicals.Studied how various departments function, what are the guidelines they follow (ISO), which registers and documents they maintain and how they deal with parties.

(ii) “Implementation of ERP package MAMIS”

How it is useful and what are the problems faced during it’s implementation and application of ERP.

Duration: 25th May ’98 – 6th July ’98.

Department: MIS & Finance Department of Century Rayon, Thane, Maharastra.

3.As a part of M.B.A. IV Sem. Curriculum:

(i)“Garment Shop Management”

Tools used: Visual Basic (5.0), Microsoft Access.

(ii) “Project Details of an Architectural Firm”

Tools used: Oracle (7.0), Developer 2000.

Duration: 1st Jan’99 – 20th April’99.

Department: Computer Science Lab., Banasthali Vidhyapith, Raj.

4.As part of M.B.A. III Sem. Curriculum:

Developed a website titled “Body Language” on Silicon Graphics Indy (SGI) Multimedia Systems.

Operating System: IRIX.

Tools used: Cosmocreate, Netscape navigator, Adobe PhotoShop.

Duration: 18th July 98 – 20th Dec 98.

Department: SGI Lab, Banasthali Vidhyapith, Raj.

5.“Readership Profile in Banasthali Vidhyapith” in Marketing Research.

Processed approximately 200 questionnaires using Dbase III plus and derived various useful conclusions on the basis of this data using Lotus 1-2-3 from 1st Oct’99 – 30th Oct’99 at Banasthali Vidhyapith, Raj.

6.As part of M.B.A. II Sem. Curriculum:

“Payroll System” in DbaseIII plus.

Duration: 18th Jan’98 – 20th Dec.’98.

Department: Computer Sc. Lab., Banasthali Vidhyapith, Raj.

7.B.Sc. Final Project work:

“Inventory Control” in Dbase III plus.

Duration: 1st August’96 – 30th April’97

Department: Govt. College Ajmer and Softech Informatics Systems, Ajmer.

8.On the Job-Training:

“ Use of DTP packages- Corel Draw, PageMaker.”

Duration: 1st May’96 – 30th June’96.

Department: Computech Services, Ajmer.

9.On the Job-Training:

“ CARE i.e. Computerized Admission Register”

Duration: 1st May’95 – 30th June’95.

Department: Students Admission Cell, Govt. College Ajmer.


1. Receiver of Kanodia Scholarship during M.B.A.

2.Secured 51st and 86th position in Rajasthan Secondary and Senior Secondary School Examination respectively.

3. President of Computer Association during graduation.

4. First Position in Secondary School Examination.

5. Various Prizes in G.K.tests, Camel Color Contests, Science Model Presentation.

Extra Curricular Activities:

Drawing and Painting, Dress Designing, Horse Riding etc.

Personal Details:

Date of Birth : 21st June 1976

Linguistic Ability : Hindi, English, German (one year certificate course).

Father's Name : Mr. Virendra Kumar Garg

Sex : Female

Marital Status : Single

Nationality : Indian