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Lori first appears in the first episode (Hello Nasty) of the second season. She's at first a photographer from the Pleasentville Catholic high school, but she's kicked out and sent to Pleasentville High, causing sparks to fly with both guys. Lori soon finds out about Tommy's secret and joins the gang in battling evil. She eventually hooks up with Tommy, but they break it off because it interferes with their line of work. Then, in the very last episode, she kisses Merton. Could they possibly hook up? Who knows. They don't want to because Tommy still has feelings for Lori. But... could that all change? Anyways, back to Lori. She's a kickboxer and a black-belt in tai kwan do (sp?) and judo. That's right. She could kick your butt in a split second. And she wouldn't even break a nail.

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