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Thanks to Fanpage Devoted to Aimee Castle for some of this information.

Films Aimee has appeared in:

L'Or et le papier
-TV series in 1990
Love & Human Remains
-Movie in 1993
Are You Afraid Of The Dark (Tale of the Dead Man's Float)
-TV series in 1995
An American Affair
-Movie in 1997
Mr. Headmistress
-TV movie in 1998
Back To Sherwood
-TV series in 1999
Teen Sorcery
-Movie in 1999
The Secret Path
-TV movie in 1999
Big Wolf On Campus
-TV series in 1999 to present
Satan's School For Girls
-TV movie in 2000

Place of Birth: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Height: 5ft 4 1/2in

Eye Color: Green

Natural Hair Color: Dirty Blonde

Favorite color: All shades of green; all colors except orange.

Foods: Italian, Sushi, Pasta, anything creamy, her mother's Thanksgiving dinners.

Drinks: Coke, chocolate milk/shakes.

Hobbie: Cooking, reading, eating, running, riding horses, photography, and needlepoint.

Movies: Christmas Vacation, The Sixth Sense, When Harry Met Sally, and The Shawshank Redemption.

TV Shows: The Wonder Years, Felicity, Survivor, Oprah.

Actors/Actresses: None, really.

Directors: Steven Spielberg, Woody Allen, Spike Jonze, and Mike Judge, particularly for directing "Office Space".

Books: Angela's Ashes (Frank McCourt), Beach Music (Pat Conroy), and Into Thin Air (John Krakauer).

Music: Weezer, That Dog, and Beck. Sometimes Britney Spears or *NSYNC. Also, Beach Boys, Sinatra, and Marvin Gaye. On her way to work, she likes Classical.

Pets: Golden Retriever named Buddy, who is a little overweight. She also loves horses, but doesn't care for birds.

Sports: Track and field and soccer, plus martial arts like boxing, kick-boxing, karate and taekwondo.

Sports Team: Montreal Canadians

Taken from Justin's Big Wolf Fan Page.

1. When is your birthday?
November 29

2. When did you start acting?
I started acting at a very young age but as I got older I wanted to hang out with my friends and do the school thing. I only really got serious about it in the past couple of years.

3. What are your favorite movies?
My all-time favorite movie is "Christmas Vacation"-every time I watch it I pee my pants laughing. I also love "Shawshank Redemption" and I just saw "The Sixth Sense" which made me cry it was so good.

4. What are your favorite TV Shows?
I used to religiously watch The Wonder Years. I also love any news shows-specifically 60 minutes. Two other favorites are Felicity and Oprah (I'm a huge nerd) I'm also totally obsessed with Survivor!

5. What is it like working on Big Wolf?
Big Wolf is great- Danny and Brandon are really fun guys even if they do run around set naked sometimes! (Kidding) No seriously- I have the best job in the world!

6. Any behind the scenes stories you'd wish to share?
Before every scene Danny Smith insists that we do one take where he is shirtless.

7. Looking at your filmography... was it cool working with Harland Williams on "Mr. Headmistress?"
Mr. Headmistress was one of the best projects I've worked on. It was one of my first big roles so it was pretty exciting- Harland Williams is a great guy- very goofy and a ton of fun to work with.

8. What is your favorite Breakfast cereal? (good question)
Well, it used to be Cracklin' Oatbran but they don't make it anymore so I settle for Cheerios-regular or honey nut. I'm very big on breakfast.

9. What music do you mainly listen to?
I just discovered Weezer's Pinkerton album- which I LOVE. I like a lot of different music- Beck, Chantal Kreviazuk, Macy Gray. There's this great CD called "Retreat From the Sun" by a band called That Dog- they don't exist anymore but I love that album. Also older stuff like Beach Boys, Sinatra, etc.Plus anything classical. I know this is going to make all the girls crazy but I do have a copy of Danny Grand Prix and I'm not just saying this because he's a friend but it's very good.

10. Did you ever watched the show before you joined the cast?
I did watch Big Wolf a couple of times before I got the part of Lori- it was great but it was missing something... :)

11. Do you have a favorite BWOC Episode?
I love, love, love Pleased To Eat you-only because Danny made Brandon and I die of laughter during the break dancing scene. Another one is Manchurian Werewolf- it was so fun to wolf out- I hope it happens again-plus the coolest was I got to keep the teeth.

13. What do you like best about the character you portray?
I love Lori because she's a very refreshing character- strong and independent without compromising her sweetness! I also love to do the stunts.

14. Do you have any upcoming projects that you can tell us about? movies, music, etc?
Well, Big Wolf takes up all of my time but once we're done, who knows? As for music- I couldn't sing to save my life!

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