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Kate Bush, the Original Lioness at Heart!
Welcome To A Lioness At Heart!


Latest News! Wondering what Kate's been doing lately? Well wonder no more! Check out my news section to keep upto date and tuned in with all the latest fresh Kate gossip!

Biography!So where did the wonderful Kate Bush come from?
When did she start her career? How did she become famous? Here is a biography i wrote featuring a basic but interesting outline of Kate's life and career!

Discography!Ok, so let's get down to the great music!
Here is a list of all Kate's official UK releases of albums and singles, along with their highest chart positions!

Favourite Kate Music!What's your favourite Kate song and video?! Can't get enough of 'The Dreaming' or is 'The Sensual World' your album?! Here i have made a fun page including my favourite Kate music, send me yours and i will add them onto this section!"

Lyrics One of Kate's most appealing feautures is her incredible, original and imaginative songwriting, on GaffaWeb you will find the lyrics to ALL of Kate's songs, album tracks, b-sides and demos! I am astonished how much hard work they put into it!
Click Here!

Videography Since there could be nothing better than hearing AND watching Kate, i have compiled a list of all Kate's official UK video releases. From the fab singles music videos to live performaces on Kate's only ever tour! These can be relatively hard to find, so it is recommended you look in the 'Finding Kate Items' to try finding them!

Mailing List
Now you can find out whats going on at 'A Lioness at Heart' by e-mail! Yes, simply fill out this simple form and soon you will be receiving fun newsletters featuring inormation on the latest updates and news! Also feel free to join my Kate Bush club Here!

Bootlegs!Some of Kate's best work comes in the form of the 'demos'! The 'Cathy's Home Demos' are early recordings of Kate, there are many spectacular songs, and most Kate fans will agree they are certainly worth finding. These can be pretty hard to find as they have not been officialy released. They are called 'bootlegs' and you'll find information all about them here, so get looking!

Finding Kate Items!Kate has released alot of great work, and unfortuanetly some of it can be hard to find! Such as singles, demos and videos. I have discovered many of the best places to find Kate items, and have compiled a list of sites and advice on finding and buying items!

Pictures!I don't currently have a personal gallery of Kate pictures, but not to worry, as even if i did, it wouldn't even start to compare to the gallery of GaffaWeb, which simply has every Kate picture you could ever need or want, the rest of the site is also astonishing! Visit the GaffaWeb Gallery
Right Here!

Links!Well now you've seen my tribute to Kate Bush, i'm sure you'll want to go visit some others, and there definetly are some great Kate sites out there! Here you will find links to the best Kate sites i know of, have a look

AmyElisabeth!Firstly, you can contact me
I'm sure most of you aren't very interested, but if you are desperatly bored please take a look at my main site, a personal profile about me! It has lots of stuff inlcuding my pictures (no, i'm not really a 3cm cartoon character!), hobbies, poems and links to my (many) other sites!

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