That sad time has arrived. As of February 19, 2004, the Fear Factory is officially closed.



1. I don't love wrestling anymore.
I kind of grew out of it. The Hardyz split up, Jeff got fired, the WWE expanded before I knew's a whole new world now. I watch it occasionally with my boyfriend and I have to ask him who everyone is. It's pathetic. I mean, it's great to watch and yeah, I still think it'd be great to be a wrestler. I'm still in e-feds and whatnot, but wrestling just isn't a big part of my life anymore.

2. School takes over my life.
I'm a senior now. I'm graduating this year. I've got 2 AP classes, one of which is AP Calculus, which whip me daily. I stay afterschool almost every day and most weekends for Calculus because I'm terrible at math. I need to focus on my grades and college. I just don't have time to run a site about something I barely know anymore.

3. I have too many other sites.
I have my personal site, Dark Insight, and my poetry site. And di takes up a WHOLE lot of my time, as it's hosted now, which means I have to up the involvement. In addition, I've got a cam, which means I'm in portals, which means I need to continually get hits so I need to take pics all the damn time. It's rough being a camgirl. I may be an unpopular one, but it's still hard.

4. I need to tie up loose ends here before I move on.
Like I said earlier, I'm graduating. I need to spend as much time as possible with my friends and boyfriend before I ship off to college and start over. And now that I can drive, I'm rarely home.

Now you have all my reasons. I'm sorry if some of them don't make sense, or if you don't agree. I'm really stressed out and my love for wrestling just has gone.

I could find a host for FF, or find someone to take it over, but there's too much to move and I have too many memories. Finding a host who will host you for free is really hard. As a result, I've left FF open in case you need it, though I don't know of anyone who'd want it. I mean, if you do, contact me. Go for it. I'd be happy to let you have it all.

I'm awfully sorry about the inconvenience, but...things and people change. Keep it cool, kids. You've all been good to me.