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Welcome to Pat Mastroianni Central

Pat Mastroianni Central

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This is a picture of Nathan Wiley and Pat at a
taping of Music Works.
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Pat Mastroianni Central was last updated on Feb 20th, 2005

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 Welcome to Pat Mastroianni Central!
Pat Mastroianni is a young talented canadian actor. Pat won a Gemeni award in 1988, he was nominated twice. He was 16 when he won his first award for best actor in a dramatic roll. Pat is one of canada's most prize actors. Unfortunatly most people only know him from his character Joey Jeremiah on Degrassi, but there is more to him then just one character. Pat has had guest appearences on shows such as Riverdale as Paul and Cat Walk, FX the Series, Secret Services,Top Cops,Northwood, Street Legal and War of The Worlds. He played Mo Mo in John Woo's Once a Thief and played Luis Sanchez on Psi Factor, He was the host of Music Works a show that showcases new canadian artists. He helped produceMaximum Speed as well. You may know Pat as Frank Pagnozzi fromLiberty St. He played Apache piolet#3 in 1998's Godzilla. He also played one of the greasers on Jonovision's "Drag In the City". You can check out Circle Of Fear a movie Pat played in as Neil Browne. He also played in Counerfeit Contessa as Oscar. Pat appeared on Off The Record. He also starred in a Honda commerical, the one with Who Let The Dogs Out Pat also did a charity auction in April 2000 for the M.S society. For more info on upcoming auctions check out Pats Ebay Auction page.He participated in a celebrity stock car race at the 1995 Molson Indy. For the event, he was dressed in a fire suit. He drove 120 mph. If you are interested in more Degrassi stuff visit Mark Polgers Un-Offical Degrassi website at This is a page dedicated to my favorite actor. Pat has some great advice for those into acting so go to his FAQ'sPage.Pat went to Hollywood for 4 years where he landed his role on Godzilla. Check out more information on Pat at the IMDB website. The page Includes his latest projects. Please. If you want to see the latest sighting of Pat and other Degrassi characters check out Sharon's webpage DegrassiUpdate. Pat presented at theJuno Awards. Watch out for Pat in, infomercials on nutrition.look for it on canadian channels,that is where it has been seen so far.It is the length of a normal commercial. Pat makes me want to eat my fruits and vegtables.For more information on nutrition regrarding fruits and vegtables, check out 5 To 10 A Day:The Fruits and Vegtables website. Check out the webpage for Degrassi: The Next Generation. Pat may be appearing in it as a guest, and of course Pat will be in the Degrassi Reunion movie. You can check out Joey2PatA little website devoted to Joey/Pat. Recently Pat did a interview on Bynon on Prime. Pat was married Aug. 11th 2001! On Oct. 11th 2001 Pat was on Canada AM talking about September 11th. Pat Had been nominated for a Gemini award this year. Pat has recently had a role on Blue Murder in March of 2003. He is also a regular character once again on Degrassi. Congradulations to Pat for his 2003 Gemini nomination. Congradulations to Pat for his 2004 Gemini nomination.

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