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Did You Know...

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Did you know...

*That before Mara was in a few commercials before starring in her first movie, Mrs.Doubtfire?

*That Mara doesn't listen to Britney Spears or boy bands?

*That on Mara's walls, she has "too many pictures of kittens and a big Matilda poster"?

*That Mara has a younger sister, and three older brothers?

*That in Mara's opinion, Matilda was the most fun to film?

*That this summer, Mara went to many different places in the world including Scotland, England, Canada, and lots of places all over the USA to promate her new movie, Thomas and the Magic Railroad?

*That Mara says that she probably won't act when she grows up.

*That Mara goes to a regualar school in Burbank, CA, when she isn't filming?

*That Mara's mother died of cancer when Mara was eight?

*She was in several commercials, such as Oscar Meyer Lunchables, Texaco, Bank of America. (added by Senna) If you have any did you knows about Mara that are unusual, click on my e-mail at the bottom of the page. I will add them to this page, and give you credit for them!