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Mara's Quiz

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Here is my Mara Wilson quiz. To do the quiz, copy the quiz,(highlight the whole thing, and then go to edit copy, ) click on my e-mail at the bottom of the page an then in the box where you are supposed to write the message, go to edit, paste, and then answer all the questions, and then e-mail me. If you answer all the questions correctly, you will win Mara Wilson's autograph!! Also, the first person who gets it all correct will win the autograph, plus something else special. (a surprise.) Anyway, here is the quiz:

1) How old is Mara?

2) What was her first movie?

3) Who did she play in that movie?

4) Who does Mara live with? (be specific)

5) What inspired Mara to start acting?

6) Does Mara go to school when she isn't filming?

7) In 1996, what movie did Mara star in?

8) What does Mara want to be when she grows up?