Autumn Morning Star presents: The 2012-2013 Workshop and Lecture Series

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Workshop and Lecture Selection for Autumn Morning Star)

Student Workshops

  • Storytelling for Kids: Stories are the verbal history of a culture. Learn about Indian people, past and present in this hour-long workshop. Hear the Blackfeet Story of Trickster and his Lost Eyes. Make fun mnemonic story-tools to help remember this story!

  • Songs, Stories and Rhythms: Learn respect for songs, drums, shakers, and flutes as we illustrate our stories with sound! In the Choctaw story Woodpecker's Gift, the students give voice to the story characters. In this one-hour workshop we will make a three-dimensional project from this story!

  • Round Dance: Listen to the recorded sound of Blackfeet drummers and singers. In this one-hour workshop, we will learn the Round Dance, a widespread Pow-wow social dance. We will also study Pow-wow etiquette and learn appreciation for Native American Indian music. We may even have time for a 'lady's choice' Two Step!

  • Storytelling Bracelets: In this one-hour workshop we will make storytelling bracelets with large pony beads and learn the secret tradition behind these bracelets. Hear the Choctaw story of The Very Unusual Beads to see of the bracelets work their magic! Bracelets are yours to keep!

  • We have "Advanced Student Workshops" for middle and high school students, too!
    Educator's Workshop/Lecture
  • Teaching with Stories: Native American Stereotypes in Education:
    "Brilliant!" "Inspirational!" "Outstanding!"
    Based on an award-winning thesis by Autumn Morning Star, this workshop helps educators identify and use the most accurate Native American curricula in their classrooms.

    Participants will discuss the implications of stereotypes in education today and the importance of presenting American Indian people in an accurate manner. This workshop is good for people in the field of education and for American Indian parents who want to take an active role in their child’s education.

    Excellent peer-reviewed, Indian authored sources for books, materials, and curricula are provided! Each workshop is 1 ˝ hours long, sometimes longer with questions and answers. Brochure [pdf]

  • Magic Club Lecture

  • NEW! Building and Maintaining A Successful Magic Business!
    Great ideas to help you build your successful business with your magic show! How to create affordable promotional material, business cards, press kits, and websites! How to sell your show in ANY economy. Trade shows you should consider! Each workshop is 1.5 hours long with questions and answers.

  • Make Your Show Unique!
    "Hey, why didn't I think of that!" "Inspirational!" "Motivational!" Based on a new book by Autumn Morning Star, this workshop helps magicians identify and utilize individual themes to create new shows. Participants will explore helpful methods and find themes that are unique to each individual magician. STOP using borrowed patter that does not fit you! Create NEW storylines and routines that excite and define you as a UNIQUE magician! Each workshop is 1.5 hours long with questions and answers.

  • My Dove Laid an Egg!
    Based on over thirty years of racing pigeon and dove handling experience, Autumn Morning Star will help magicians learn to care for their doves and use them humanely in performances. Participants will learn how to safely train them, transport them, take them on the road, keep them quiet backstage, and more. Discussions will include: What to do in bird emergencies, ways to tell if your bird is sick, special diets, medications, safe bird productions, and more. Each workshop is 1.5 hours long with questions and answers.