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Series Regular:

"Running the Halls" (Saturday morning sitcom,1994, NBC,Holiday Friedman)
"Push" (1998, ABC,Cara Bradford)

TV appearances (1 or several episodes):

"Boy Meets World" (199?, ABC, Jasmine Fontana)
"Kirk" (1996, WBN)
"Sliders" (1996, FOX, Nicki, episode title: "The Rules of the Game")
"The Big Easy" (1997, USA)
"V.I.P." (1999, syndicated,Cynthia Murdoch)

"To Gillian on Her 37th Brithday" (1996, Cindy Bayles)
"Her Costly Affair" (1996 TV Moive, Liz)
"The In Crowd" (2000, Kelly)
Dean Quixote (1999; as Annie)