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Ingo in Playgirl

February 2000

Interview by Aimee Szparaga

EDITOR'S NOTE:  "Celebrity Exclusive:  Ingo Rademacher ... General Hospital's Aussie tycoon shares his riches ... and much more !  Sure to drop your jaw is our steamy interview and photo shoot with General Hospital's Aussie heartthrob, Ingo Rademacher.  The Grand Master of Port Charles lets us crawl into his world, both on and off camera, and gabs in his seductive accent about love, sex, and marriage.  We've hit the Jaxpot !"

From the article:  "In 1998, PLAYGIRL ran a headshot of General Hospital's Ingo Rademacher on the cover of the December issue.  From the moment it hit the stands and to this very day, the response has been overwhelming.  Letters from ravenous fans cram the PLAYGIRL mail bins, most of which commend our fine decision to put the heartthrob on our list of the 10 Most Sexiest Men of the Year. But just as many readers, if not all, wrote in asking, where are the rest of the pictures ?"

Quotes from Ingo:

"I'm not about 'doing it' in an unusual place just because it's unusual.  I'm more about 'doing it' when I want to"

 "Sometimes you're in the mood for a romantic night ... other times you just wanna have a quickie"