8.11.02: As promised, it does have content. Just not a lot. And no, it has no popup ads (Yay!) The new location is here. I'm leaving this (angelfire) site up, but it will eventually have different content.

Please change your links/bookmarks to the new location. Thank you.

Let's throw a party.
I finally have my Amusements page up. After about six versions and all this time. :)

The site that gave me my counters disappeared. So I've had to start a new one at 0. I've been Busy, so work on my site is going a bit slower than usual.

Slowly but surely converting my site to CSS.


I found a whole bunch of L.J. Smith links I hadn't seen before, so I'll be updating my LJS links/banners pages as I go along.
Work on my In Depth (e.g. extensive research) LJS section has been postponed indefinitely. I'm going to try to get most of the rest of the site up and running before I try to delve into that time-consuming research.

Laurell K. Hamilton links are still scarce on my pages. Still working on collecting those and getting banners up.

Amusements/New Things:

I've been working on the Amusements part of my site, but it's still not up because I'm not finished with it yet. Translation: I can't get it to look right yet. But it'll be up shortly.
I've also been working on an Interactive bit of my site. Guestbook, forums, chats, etc. Also not up because I'm not finished yet.

Hate the popup ads? Sometime within the next few months The Huntress will be moving. Until then, just close 'em out as fast as they pop up. Sorry about that.


Some people have asked that I put photographs of myself up on my Me page. I'll do it when I find good photos and get the chance. If you absolutely can't wait for a picture of me, go to the Unofficial Callahan's Picture Page. I'm Jez. Warning: page is graphic intensive. Be prepared to wait for the images to load.

Work has been slow on my site lately. I've had Things To Do.
So no, I haven't been purposely neglecting my site. I'm just really slow at working on it.
Thank you for being patient.