Bev's Biography!!!

Get the 411 on Beverley!! Last updated August 19, 2001

Full name: Beverley Anne Mitchell. Known as "Bev" by friends and family. Notice the extra "e" in her first name-that's how she spells it, yet it's misspelled by others. In an interview Bev stated it takes approx. 10 seconds to autograph her full name!!

Birthday: January 22, 1981, also happens to be Bev's favorite holiday.

Birthplace: Arcadia, California, USA which is an town just east of Pasadena, California. Sometime during 1993 Bev and her parents moved to a house in Ventura County, California, USA.

Parents: Mother- Sharon, who is an office manager, lives in Ventura County, California, USA. Father- David, who is an independent car race organizer, lives in San Diego County, California, USA. When Bev turned 16 years old her parents divorced. However both Sharon and David remain good friends, and Bev was not affected by the divorce. Bev considers her parents as best friends!!

Education: Graduated from Chaminade Middle and High School in West Hills, a neighborhood in extreme western Los Angeles, California, USA, in 1999. Click here to see Bev's name on the list of 1999 Chaminade High School graduates. Currently a Junior at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, Bev is majoring in Film Studies.

It all started in a mall: Bev's professional acting career began at the age of four when she and her Mom (it was also said Bev was with her Aunt) where at a shopping mall. Bev started to throw a temper tantrum because her Mom (or Aunt) would not buy her a toy that she wanted. At the same time a talent agent was watching and was impressed with the way she acted and spoke out loud! So the talent agent handed Bev's Mom (or Aunt) a business card. Soon after Bev started to act in commercials. Some sources say an AT+T commercial was her first job; other sources say an Oscar Meyer commercial her first job.

College Life: In an article at, Bev talks about her college experience. On academics: Bev said even though her acting career is going well now, the business isn't always 'solid' and if the acting jobs stop coming then with her college degree will have something else to fall back on. Bev also mentions the importance of continuing to learn and keeping her mind active. Bev said no matter how hard college can be sometimes she won't give up. On peers: Bev said that her peers at college don't treat her any differently than anyone else. In fact she mentions that some of her peers became her friends not because she was an actress but because they thought "she was cool". Moreover Bev's peers usually looked up to Bev for advice and comfort. On balancing work, school, and friends: Bev admits that balancing work, school, and friends was a bit of a challenge. When Bev lived in the dorms she had a hard time getting enough sleep because everyone else was awake (one of the reasons she brought her own house). Bev also mentioned how hard it was to get all her homework and studying done late at night when she gets home from the set. On college life: Bev said despite all the stresses, college gives her an opportunity to hang out with people her own age and just have a fun time-going to movies, dances, fraternity parties, and of course water balloon fights. Since Bev's house is close to the Loyola Marymount University, Bev's friends who live in the dorms on campus can visit her and Bev can go on campus to visit her friends in the dorms! Bev's advice to incoming college Freshmen: Always be true to yourself.

Bev's new house: Bev is no longer living with her Mom in Ventura County. Bev and best friend Allison McGill were roommates at Desmond Hall on the Loyola Marymount University campus during their first semester of college (Fall Semester 1999). At the start of Spring Semester 2000, Allison transferred to University of Southern California in Los Angeles, California, USA. During the Spring of 2000, Bev brought an old cape cod style house on the West side of Los Angeles (sorry, that's as far as I'm going to go with that)! As of December 2000, Bev's roommate in the house is Dana Torgerson, a friend Bev has known since middle school days. Check the HOT Bev picture collages for pics and info about this house.

Best friends, other than her parents: Allison McGill and Jainey Dorton.

Celebrity friends: Bev has many friends that are celebrities, including the cast of 7th Heaven, Lance Bass, Tammy Lynn Michaels, Joshua Jackson, Bryton McClure, Ashley Johnson, Andrew Keegan, Joseph Gordon Levitt, and Meredith Monroe. More names will be added as info is obtained and verified.

Marital status: SINGLE!! Although a very credible source told me Bev is "seeing someone". He's NOT Lance Bass nor David Gallagher, but a non-celebrity guy, and it's not that serious. That's all I'm going to say at this time. Bev did say she prefers not to have a serious relationship with a celebrity. Moreover, because of her busy schedule Bev says it is difficult to maintain a serious relationship with a guy.

Pets: Golden retriever (dog) named Tucker. Bev still has her 30 pound cat Tigger. As far as I know she still has her black cat Casper, and other two dogs Dakota and Trixie.

Nicknames: Chubs, Everbly, Monkey, Shmev, Little One.

Fave "7th Heaven" episode: Bev told that her favorite 7th Heaven episode is Nothing Endures But Change. This is the second season episode about Lucy's friend who died in a car accident. This episode was based on a real event in Bev's life. When Bev was 15 years old one of her best friends died in a car accident. This was a very painful event in Bev's life as she was having a hard time coping with it. 7th Heaven executive producer Brenda Hampton did talk to Bev about doing an episode based on this real life event. At first Bev turned down the offer but later on agreed to do it. Stephen Collins (Eric Camden) directed this episode. Working on this episode was not easy for Bev and she did cry many times while they were taping. But the cast and crew had much patience and understanding and were very supportive. Bev stated this episode was a healing experience for her and helped many fans of the show who've been through similar situations. To read more about this event in Bev's life refer to the books Got Issues Much? Celebrities Share Their Traumas and Triumphs by Reisfeld and Morales and Chicken Soup for the Preteen Soul by Canfield et al.

Fave bands and music: Bev said in an interview that she listens to just about every kind of music but has a problem with hard rap. She even stated that she doesn't find Enimen that entertaining. Bev said she prefers music that makes her feel good! Her favorite band is Blink 182. Bev also likes NSYNC, Sublime, Dixie Chicks, Shaina Twain, Whitney Houston, No Doubt, Britney Spears, and the Spice Girls.

Fave TV shows: Dawson's Creek, Felicity, Diagnosis Murder, Friends, Popular, Charlie's Angels, and of course 7th Heaven.

Fave movies: American Pie, Road Trip, Stepmom, A Bugs Life, and Bambi. Bev does not like horror movies, although she has attended premieres for horror movies such as Scream 3 and The Skulls.

Fave foods: Steak, lobster, pickles, clam chowder, pasta, mashed potatoes with LOTS of butter, angel food cake with strawberries and cool whip, vanilla ice cream, Quaker-brand mini-wheat squares, and Willie Wonka candy. Bev prefers water over soda, but she's been known to have a slurpee or two.

Fave eating places: In and Out Burger, which is a fast food chain found through out Southern California, USA. This is a new category and will be updated as information is made available.

Fave shopping places: Bebe, Abercrombie and Fitch, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's, and Guess?. Also Bev likes shopping at the smaller boutiques because of their unique designs and can make clothes to fit her small size.

Fave clothing style: Bev has a wide range of favorite clothing styles. She considers herself "trendy" when it comes to dressing up. Bev likes clothes that are comfortable and "cute". On her casual days she'll wear blue jeans and a t-shirt. When Bev dresses up it's usually tight pants and "cute little sweaters". And of course she has MANY hot, beautiful dresses!!

Fave beauty supplies: Bev's fave makeup are the MAC products. Bev's fave hair car products are Joico and "Bumble and Bumble". Bev said she never leaves home without her MAC makeup because her face gets shiny and hates it; so she touches up her face with the makeup. Bev's favorite fragrance is Petima. For more information about Petima click here.

Jewelry: Little is known about the beautiful jewelry Bev wears. However thanks to Renee, one of Bev's friends, we know that Bev wears a Gucci watch given to her by her Mother Sharon for Christmas. Bev loves it so much she almost always wears it!! Speaking of jewelry, as of May 2001, Bev had her bellybutton pierced and it's really cool-I'll have a picture of this posted here soon!

Fave website: message boards (heehee).

Fave time of day: Nite time.

Fave time of year: Winter holidays.

Fave music video: Britney Spears' Crazy.

Hobbies: Hanging out with friends and family, shopping (Bev considers shopping therapy), going to the movies, kickboxing, rollerblading, snowboarding, singing, reading, swimming, working out, and dancing. According to Bev said she and her best friend Allison like to make fish faces! During August 2001 Bev told the (Chicago's WB website) she is going to start learning how to play the guitar and tennis.

Collects: Beanie babies, dreamsicles angles.

Drives: Black Chevy Tahoe, white Ford Mustang convertible.

Charities: RADD Kids (Recording Artists against Drunk Driving), KMART Kids Race Against Drugs, McDonald Foundation, the Braille Institute, the Make A Wish Foundation, Challenge for the Children, and numerous local charities. Bev started her own charity called "Grand Prix Kids", but because of her busy schedule had to put that "on the back burner".

Celebrity role models: Ron Howard, Jodie Foster. Bev has a "crush" on Simon Rex (of the TV show Jack and Jill).

Biggest pet peeve: When people are fake, judgemental, and ignorant.

One word that describes Bev: In an interview Bev described herself as "outgoing".